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by Randy Shannon

It appears that women may be taking over the tractors in farming.  The USDA recently released new information that the number of farms operated by women has nearly tripled over the past three decades from 5 percent in 1978 to 14% by 2007.

Women also seem to be a part of a growing trend of small farm enterprises which are farms that make less than $100 a year, but have the potential to make more.  While women are running farms of all sizes, the USDA claims the majority are operating these smaller enterprises.  The biggest earners for lady farmers?  Poultry, specialty crops, grains or dairy comprise about 72% of sales.

Why are more females turning to the plow and barn?  While the USDA has become better at count small operations, there may be a greater opportunity for women to enter farming now because it's easier to get in on the lower end than at the top.

There are over one million women farming and ranching in America today.  Read more about how the ladies are taking to the field in this post from the USDA  from this past spring!