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  • Battle Creek Knights

    Posted by Kim Brixton

    The Battle Creek Knights are teaming up with C-Stores and WIN 98-5.  You could win free C-Store gas for a year!

    Thursday we'll be hitting the streets to get you qualified for the fuel and tickets for the Knights!

  • Crying On The View

    Posted by Kim Brixton

    The View Co-Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck apologizes......

    for an insensitive joke at the expense of EPSN reporter/Dancing With The Stars Celebrity, Erin Andrews.


    Posted by Kim Brixton

    For the first time in three years I am going to be home for
    mother’s day, and I would like to take my mother out and treat her like
    she should be treated. I am in the military and have been in Korea for the
    last few years and unable to see her on mother’s day. My mother is
    always putting EVERYONE before herself. She devoted all of her time when I
    was younger to raising us three kids while taking care of my grandparents,
    special needs uncle, and my Great Ants. As some of them would pass on she
    devoted more time to volunteering at Charitable union, along with other
    charities. She is always donating and volunteering everywhere. My mom is a
    substitute teacher b/c she loves to help kids and families. Every Sunday
    you can find her at church volunteering to help out and staying after. My
    mother was my support with always sending care packages and they would
    arrive at just the right time. She has always been there for me and I
    would really like to show her some appreciation for all that she does. I
    am a lower enlisted soldier, so...I really can't afford very much to treat
    her right for mother’s day, but one thing for sure I will be home this
    mother’s day and I hope you can help me show her how much she means to
    me and our community.

    Andrea Sheldon



    Posted by Kim Brixton


    Mom Story: We would like to nominate our mom for your contest.  She became
    a single mom when I was only one year old.  My brother was 4 years and my
    sister was 5 years old.  She was our "rock" when our world was turned
    upside down overnight.  She continues to be there for all of us and is
    willing to help with her time and resources.  My mom is a retired
    kindergarten teacher.  She was unable to go to college and pursue her
    dream of becoming a teacher until she was almost 30 years old.  As soon as
    her children were in school full time, my mom began attending MSU and
    graduated in the top of her class!  She went on for her masters degree and
    began teaching kindergarten full time.  She was and continues to be a role
    model for us.  Follow your dreams and you can accomplish your dream if you
    put your heart into it!  We always came first in her life and now we want
    to put her first in ours!

    Beth Milz


    Posted by Kim Brixton

    When our oldest of 3 son's turned 16 he drove by himself for
    the first time around Mothers day and wanted to buy me something and
    bought this artificial wreath of flowers (that you would place on a
    cemetary) and gave it to me for Mothers Day.  It said "I love you mom" and
    he was so proud cause it would last forever and I could put it in my yard.

    He did not know it was for a cemetary.  I made him bring it back as I told
    him it was for a dead mom, but now I wish I would have kept it just for
    the memory of the story......


    Posted by Kim Brixton

    My mom is amazing, as most children probably think their
    mothers are.  My mother always goes above and beyond, even when times are
    the hardest.  Back in 2004, I was getting married in September to my now
    husband.  My sister had just graduated Nursing School.  In the midst of
    all of this, my grandmother (my mother's mom) was diagnosed w/ lung cancer
    about the same time my sister graduated.  My mother spent that summer
    taking care of my grandmother, planning a wedding, and a graduation
    party....all while still working part time.  She never let anyone see that
    she was tired, and never asked for any help.  She spent endless hours with
    my grandmother, who was now on full time oxygen, and could barely clean
    her own apartment, or cook herself dinner.  She was running to doctor's
    appointments, to and from work, to flower shops, caterers, reception
    halls, and everywhere.  My wedding date was Sept. 4, 2004.  My grandmother
    went into the hospital near the end of July.  Only a short time later, on
    August 1, 2004, she passed away.  My mother was heartbroken, and saddened
    beyond words.  She had just lost her mother and her best friend, not to
    mention her youngest daughter's wedding was less than a month away.  Never
    once did my mother let any of this take away from the love and attention
    she gave me.  She always puts her feelings and emotions on hold, and just
    gives and gives and gives.  She provided me with the best wedding a
    daughter could ask for, not even a month after putting her own mother to
    rest.  Now, she has given up her own work to stay home and watch her four
    grandchildren every day.  She truly is one amazing woman, and no words
    could ever describe how thankful I am for her.

    Becky Palmer



    Posted by Kim Brixton

    My MOM is the real Jack of all trades . I remember at about 8
    years comeing home in the late evening for the small store about 6 miles
    from home out in the country . she hit the brakes and one arm reached out
    to hold us back . NO have to use seat belts back then and did I tell ya it
    was Deer season and my mom was not only a farm girl but a hunter amoung
    other things . well you guessd it we hit a doe . she told me to sit still
    and got out of the truck . in what seamed like the same breath she
    reopened the drivers side door said raise forward I need the knife its not
    dead . yes she did and loaded it by herself and we took it home . Dad
    helped her cut it and she froze it . after she bought my first car the
    muffler fell off and my mom got on the durt driveway  went underneath and
    wired up my muffler with a coat hanger from the house . she cooked ,
    cleaned , drove tractor and made sure we grew up to have wonderfull
    children of our own . I love you mom !! and thank you for all the things
    you did little and big to make us the people we are today ..




    Posted by Kim Brixton

    I know every mom is special but my mom is extrordinary. She has
    2 children, me and my sister. Whom my mom and dad has raised us into
    adulthood. My mom now looks after her sister who as severe mental
    problems. My mom has to take care of her on a daily basis. my mom does her
    laundry, cooks for her, takes her to her dr's appointments. My aunt lives
    with my parents and my dad who works everyday, so my mom does everything
    around their house. My mom cooks, cleans, does the laundry, every mother
    thing that can be done.



    Posted by Kim Brixton

    This mothers day is an ecspecially difficult one 4 my mom.

    At the end of jan. We found out that my uncle her baby brother of whom she
    was very very close with was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
    There was nothing they could 4 him the doctors said because of the spot it
    was in. She spent 2 weeks with him in and out of the hospital. She helped
    my aunt with everything from $ to support. She also has taken on a new
    child in a way. My cousin who was planned 2 get married the day after her
    dad passed has adopted my mom. She wants 2 make sure every1 else has what
    they need and are making it through this. But they gave him 4-6 months to
    live and on March 12 we lost him to only a short 6 week battle. My mom has
    always been the 1 who keeps every1 2gether. Makes sure that we all get
    2gether and don't 4get each other. This is the 1st year without my uncle
    and they always had a big mothers day gathering and still plan 2 this year
    but he won't b there. She's trying 2 deal but not doing well. She trys not
    2 show it 2 every1 but she still crys everynight my dad says. I just think
    she could use some pampering after eveything. She has been a wonderful
    nana 2 my kids and always takes care of my brothers and I even though we
    don't live at home. She helps every1 and any1 if she can. No matter what
    its 4. Please consider her 4 this she is a great mom who's had a bad few
    months. Thank you.


    Posted by Kim Brixton

    My Mom has been through more than anyone I know.

    She is a strong and amazing woman.

                                               In 2001, my little brother, Jeff was in a
    terrible accident that almost claimed his life.  We live on a farm and he
    went through a silage wagon.  Jeff was life flighted to the University of
    Michigan.  He went through numerous surgeries.  My mom was by his side
    from the day that he was flown to U of M until three weeks later when he
    was released.  She cared for him 24/7.  She fought just as hard as he did.
    She missed work, took him to doctor appointments, physical therapy and
    made sure that he completed all the school work that he missed all while
    holding a household together.
    Just recently our family was rock with another tragedy.  My older brother
    was killed in a car accident.  He was my mom’s first born.  I thought that
    she was going to crumble.  She has managed to hold it together for the
    family even though I know that inside she is a mess.
    She has always been there for all of us kids.  She has always put us
    before everything in her life.  She was at every single school function,
    basketball game, volleyball game, softball game, even if she had had a
    long day at work, or didn't feel good.
    My mom has been through more than any one should in one lifetime, but she
    is one amazingly strong woman that I am proud to be the daughter of.  I
    only hope that I can be half the mom that she is.  It would be nice to
    finally make it all about her.