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  • Smooch @ Midnight

    Posted by Kim Brixton

    Beware of the kiss at Midnight when the New Year Arrives.

    The Brainbuster question yesterday had to do with regretting that lip lock at the bewitching hour.  How did this tradition begin?

     The kiss shared at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve is derived from masked balls that have been common throughout history. As tradition has it, the masks symbolize evil spirits from the old year and the kiss is the purification into the New Year.

    According to a survey by, 43% of singles expect to smooch at midnight. However, be careful what you wish for -- 15% say they still regret last year's kiss.



  • A Twisted Deal

    Posted by Kim Brixton

    If you are DUMB enough to drink and drive tomorrow night, 12-31, a funeral home in Rome Georgia has this offer....

    Between now and noon tomorrow, 12-31, you can visit McGuire, Jennings and Miller Funeral Home in Rome to sign a contract stating you plan to drive under the influence on New Year's Eve.  If you die in a car wreck that day, the funeral home will give you a free burial. 

    This program is intended to make partiers think twice about getting behind the wheel and driving drunk.

    It's a rather wacky way of promoting your business!!

  • unfriend

    Posted by Kim Brixton

    The word of the year is "unfriend". 

    The literary lugheads at New Oxford American Dictionary made the decision to choose unfriend for 2009.

    It's the act of removing someone from your friend list on a social networking site such as facebook.

    I've been unfriended, and unfortunately have had to unfriend others.

    It's no big deal really. 

    I'll start to be concerned however, if family members start dropping me.

    Unfriend will then become, unfamily'd.  I wouldn't like that one bit.