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  • Family needs help

    Posted by Jimmy C

    A long time Hymntime listener and good friend, Jim Goodnoe lost EVERYTHING in a house fire last week.
    He works at Olivet College, the fire was in Olivet.
    He lost his wife just last year. His daughter lives with him, she is in her 30's and is disabled. All donations are GREATLY appreciated!  
    Clothing sizes are: Women's shirt size 3xl, pants 2xl and Men's shirt xl and pants 44 waist, 26 long.  Other donations needed are: monetary donations, coloring books/crayons, children's books, household items (dishes, towels, soaps, razors etc). Any "everyday" items that you & I may take for granted.
    ANYTHING will help! Donations can be dropped off at the college Physical plant or sent to the college@ Olivet College 320 S. Main St. Olivet, MI 49076 attn. Chris Heisler.

  • Marty Raybon's new single

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Marty Raybon

    I had a chance to interview Marty a few years ago on Hymntime and his love for the Lord and commitment to Gospel Music is amazing. So make sure you're listening this Super Bowl Sunday as we present Marty's new single "I've Seen What He Can Do" from his upcoming CD "Hand to the Plow" only on WIN 98.5's Hymntime Country Style.

  • Top 10 Country Christian songs

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Here's the top Ten Country Christian songs. Where did your favorite rank?


    Not surprising that Josh has two.

    Here's a quote from Taste of Country. Do you agree?

    "While not every successful country singer releases Christian songs, those who've ignored Christian values haven't gotten very far. Some, like Josh Turner and Randy Travis, are able to weave their faith into the music a little more comfortably than others. Country listeners know when a performance lacks sincerity, and more than a few songs have been written that were swatted away like a mosquito. When done right, nothing sticks to one's soul stronger than a song that inspires.

    It wasn't easy, but we whittled down every country song written about God and Christian values to a list of 10 of our favorites. Our criteria included not only song quality and impact; radio success was also a factor. These 10 Christian songs can all be still heard on country radio stations across America today. Chances are one has caused you tear up. The Top 10 Christian Songs are capable of making us better human beings".

  • Marty Raybon's new single

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Marty Raybon

    Marty's got a new CD Coming out soon, and you can hear his new single "I've Seen What He Can Do" first this Sunday only on WIN98.5's Hymntime Country Style.

  • SOULS HARBOR@North Athens Baptist Church

    Posted by Jimmy C

    SOULS HARBOR Sunday, Feb. 5 at  10:45 am at North Athens  Baptist Church...2020 M Dr S Just 15  minutes south of  Battle Creek. For more information call 269-729-5535. A free will offering will be taken. " 

  • Hymntime's New Prayer List, Hometown Hero's and Calendar

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Hey everyone, check out Hymntime's new Web Pages go to  http://wincountry.com/hymntime-country-style/  we have our Prayer List for our friends in need, our Hometown Hero's serving all over the world and a Calender for all the happenings in our area. Get your requests to us e-mail them to me at hymntime@yahoo.com. And check back often for updates.

    Thanks to everyone who help make this possible and God Bless.

  • The Desert Hawks

    Posted by Jimmy C

    This is the unit of a very good friend of mine from Battle Creek who lives in Tucson now. He graduated in 1978 from St. Phil and Proudly still serves with The United States Air Force. His unit is deploying to Afganistan in January (I know it's a little early) but we need to keep them and their families in our Prayers and it's never too early to start. Thank You Greg Nusbaum for all you do and tell your unit they are Loved in Battle Creek.

    The Desert Hawks

    943 MXS Mission Spotlight

    Posted 6/16/2008 Printable Fact Sheet

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    943 MXS Mission Spotlight
    AF File Image
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    943d Maintenance Squadron

    Motto: We Maintain So That Other May Live
    Nickname: The Desert Hawks

    Provide organic maintenance of six HH-60G aircraft to primarily support all 305th Rescue Squadron flying operations and contingencies. Supports 943d Rescue Group deployment and exercise activities and ensures assigned aircraft, equipment and personnel are ready to deploy to conduct combat rescue operations globally.

    Vision Statement:
    Building the most effective, well equipped, highly trained, proficient, and sought after combat rescue maintenance organization in the Air Force.

    The 943d Maintenance Squadron has 106 personnel assigned, consisting of 8 civilians, 47 Air Reserve Technicians, and 51 Traditional Reservist.

    Recent Accomplishments:
    · In just 85 days in Afghanistan and counting, we have flown over 140 missions and medevaced over 190 patients to forward medical facilities.
    · Mobilized over 60 reservists for over 6 months and deployed 3 aircraft and support equipment to Afghanistan for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in support of the U.S. Army and NATO's International Security Assistance Forces.
    · Successfully completed an AF Reserve Command (AFRC) Maintenance Standardization & Evaluation Program inspection: Garnering an overall excellent rating in program management and above 80% on personnel task evaluations by the AFRC Inspectors
    · Unit Compliance Inspection: Successful rating of "Comply" by AFRC Inspectors
    · 2008 943d Rescue Group, NCO of the 1st Quarter

    Commander's Quote:
    "The Airman and civilians in this squadron are a highly motivated group that seamlessly wears civilian clothes one day and an Air Force uniform the next. Whether it is maintaining and supporting our helicopters locally, deployed, or in a disaster relief role we proudly reinforce the reputation of having the cleanest, best flying, and most professionally maintained helicopters in the Air Force. Since coming off of active duty it has been an extraordinary re-bluing experience to be a part of such a world-class outfit as the 943d Maintenance Squadron."

    - Major Keith T. Belhumeur
    943 MXS Commander