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  • This IS Michigan

    Posted by Jimmy C

    I do love our Western Michigan Bronco's but I have to go with the Maze and Blue.

    I litterly have a special place in my heart for The University of Micigan. We are Michigan.

    14 days to go.




  • Green Valley Jaboree's last show

    Posted by Jimmy C

    This was Rem Wall's last show after 35 years on the air. His son Rendall and fiddle player Jimmy Bradford still perform with Bob Rowe. Their song "Old Time Relegion" has opened Hymntime for the last 14 yrs. Thanks to Ginni Schererhan for finding this and posting it on FB

  • Gordon travels to Congo on week off

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Jeff Gordon went to the Congo during the week off from racing. See how it affected him.

    It's rough here, but it could be worse. Thank- You Lord for what we have!

  • Terry's Birthday

    Posted by Jimmy C

    While Terry's birthday and our 36th anniversary isn't until Tuesday the 12th, I wanted to get an early start on celebrating with all of our WIN 98.5 friends.

    Luv ya lots baby. Enjoy

  • Great New Song

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Here's a great new song and video.

    Thanks to Phil and PJ.





  • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    Posted by Jimmy C

    You've heard the song, check out what it took to make it work. just copy and paste this url into your browser and there you'll be. Pretty good stuff.



  • Hymntime Live

    Posted by Jimmy C

    Well thanks to alot of help, both with my health issues and planning, Hymntime live is all set. It will be on August 6th at 12:00pm at the 1st. Baptist Church, 914 N. Main St. in Tekonsha. Appearing this year are: The Schwartz Family, Lynn McCully, Donna Green and Dr. Buddy Houghtaling along with Dr. Dan Grentz and Ramon Webber. Hope to see eveyone there. Bring your lawn chairs and picnic lunch and join us outside in the new facility at the church. (no rain this year).