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  • 10 Ways to De-Stress at Work

    Posted by Jack Spade

    I’m all for taking a quick break at work when it gets too stressful but these 10 unconventional ways to de-stress seem a little weird. 

    10. Make a fort

    Sometimes you can't leave your desk, or you're trapped in meetings all day, or you've had one too many warnings from HR about burning incense indoors and talking to your colleagues about their chakras. When it gets to be too much, all you can do is bring in some blankets and towels from home, drape them over your desk, and take a nap in your fort. Hang a sign outside that says "I will be out of the office today with limited access to phone and email. I will respond to your email as soon as possible upon my return."

    Click here for the rest of the Top 10

  • Save the Date: Oct 8th 2013

    Posted by Jack Spade

    The Federal Reserve says it will begin circulating a redesigned $100 bill this fall, more than two years after its initial target.

    The Fed has set a new target date of Oct. 8. The redesigned note incorporates added security features, such as a blue, 3-D security ribbon and a disappearing Liberty Bell in an inkwell. The features are designed to thwart counterfeiters.

    The revamped bill had been expected to go into circulation in February 2011. But in December 2010, officials announced an indefinite delay. They said they needed more time to fix production issues that left unwanted creases in many of the notes.

  • If you ACHOO or achoo, then this study is for you

    Posted by Jack Spade

    The way we sneeze tells a lot about our personalities, according to an American study.

    A loud, explosive sneeze is likely to come from an outgoing, demonstrative person while someone who’s shy will try and hold back, resulting in a stifled, Minnie-Mouse style expulsion, says neurologist Dr Alan Hirsch.

    ‘Sneezes are like laughter,’ he adds. ‘Some laughs are loud, some are soft. And it’s similar with sneezing. It will often be the same from youth onward in terms of what it sounds like.. Click here for the rest of the study
    source: dailymail.co.uk)


    Posted by Jack Spade

    The only thing that goes through my mind as I watch this video is.....What if I fell, that's a long way down

  • It's National Karaoke Week

    Posted by Jack Spade

    In honor of bad singers everywhere, here is the list of the 15 most requested karaoke songs. I will say Im partial to song #15, Journey 'Don't Stop Believing' is one of the best songs ever. Click here for more
    source: mentalfloss.com)

  • Shortest stint in TV History

    Posted by Jack Spade

    I feel bad for this guy and this happenend on his first day

    A.J. Clemente, a new co-anchor for NBC station KFYR in North Dakota, had a major slip-up on air Sunday evening as he made his station debut, saying '&^&%*' '$%#&^' into a live microphone while his co-anchor, Van Tieu, introduced him
    Source: dailymail.co.uk

  • Keith got waxed

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Maybe its just me but this wax statue doesn't really look like Keith Urban. I mean it sort of does but in a creepy way

    Photo from: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images