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  • Having trouble sleeping?

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Having trouble getting some Z’s..Here’s 25 tips to getting a better nights sleep

    Enter in your wake-up time and the Sleepyti.me calculator will give you a bedtime that ensures you wake up between REM sleep cycles. You'll feel much more refreshed in the morning. Click here for more tips
    (source: buzzfeed.com)

  • No more busting through walls and yelling “Oh Yeah”

    Posted by Jack Spade

    I guess everyone has to grow up and change someday and even includes the ‘Kool-Aid Man’

    “Kool-Aid is unveiling a new look for its big red mascot Monday, as the powdered drink brand looks to refresh its image and tout a new liquid mix.

    The Kool-Aid Man, known for busting through walls and his "Oh yeah!" tagline, will now be computer-generated and take on the personality of a celebrity trying to show he's just a normal guy. In past ads, the character was played by an actor in foam costume and had little to say or do besides crashing through a wall with a big, smiley face.” Click here for more
    (source: news.yahoo.com)

  • Get ready for Hallway Swimming

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Now that the 'Harlem Shake' is over we need something else to do. I present to you, Hallway Swimming 

  • 2 Words no guy should ever say

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Want to keep a happy relationship? Here are 2 words no Guy should ever say to their Girlfriend or Wife

    "Calm down."

    On the surface, they seem harmless enough: A gentle reminder to take a deep breath, relax, and gain perspective before a relationship issue snowballs. Problem is, when a woman hears these two words from a man, the effects are anything but conciliatory. "Men are generally conditioned to take control in a heightened situation so when woman is upset, they may reach for the phrase 'calm down' in an effort to pacify her without realizing that they're making a bad situation worse," says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D., a New York City based licensed marriage and family therapist. Here's why a guy should never utter those two little words and how to deal if he does. Click here for more
    (source: shine.yahoo.com)

  • Bad Habits are actually good for you

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Looks like all the bad habits I have are now good for me


    The bugs we encounter when biting our nails could boost our immune system

    It’s a habit most sufferers try hard to give up, but it may actually be good for you, says Dr Hilary Longhurst, consultant immunologist from the Bart’s NHS Trust. 

    ‘Unless your hands are filthy, the bugs we encounter when biting our nails could boost our immune system.’ 

    This is because our immune system has a memory, making a note of how to fight every bug it has ever encountered. 

    When a bug is encountered a second time, the immune system reaches into its memory and releases weapons — called memory lymphocytes — that it knows will beat it

    Click here for more bad habits that are good for you

  • Dunk heard around the world

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Kalamazoo native and former K-Zoo standout Doug Anderson wins the College Slam Dunk Contest with an amazing - 360, through the legs, 1 handed dunk

  • Most everyone has done one of these but sometimes #10 comes in handy

    Posted by Jack Spade

    If you have kids then you know, we’ve all been guilty of doing one of these. I’ve pulled a #10 from time to time and it’s not because I don’t want to be sociable, It because I’m extremely tired and just want to rest. Which of the following have you done?

    Here is the list of the ‘Top 10 Annoying Parenting Habits
    1.    Using a 'cutesy' voice
    2.    Baby-related status updates on Facebook
    3.    Putting babies on the phone
    4.    Not disciplining children when unruly in public
    5.    Swearing in front of children
    6.    Blaming their kids for not going out anymore
    7.    Parents who constantly say how 'perfect' their child is
    8.    Criticising other parents' kids
    9.    Matching outfit between father/son – daughter/mum
    10.  Using their children as an excuse to be unsociable

    Click here for more
    (source: huffingtonpost.com)