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  • Kung-Fu Grandpa

    Posted by Jack Spade

    One of the better videos that I saw over the weekend. It’s the guy who is doing the commentary that makes this funny

  • Mom..Mom..Momma..Mom..Mom

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Now that I think of it...this is true

    Mothers get asked an astonishing 288 questions every day by their little ones, a study reveals.

    The report – which surveyed 1,000 mothers with children aged between two and ten – looked at a typical day at home with the children for a mother and when they have to field the most queries.

    From breakfast at 7.19am to tea time at 7.59pm, the average mother faces a testing 12.5 hour day of questioning – working out at one question every two minutes 36 seconds.

    It is during meal times when most questions are asked, with young children rattling off 11. This is closely followed by a routine trip to the shops, prompting ten.

    Some 82 per cent of infants apparently go to their mother first rather than their father if they have a query. A quarter of children, 24 per cent, said they do this because their father will just say ‘ask your mum’.

    In all, a mother’s knowledge is in such demand the study by online retailer Littlewoods.com found they are asked around 105,120 questions a year by their children.

    The research found the number of questions asked by children differs with age and gender, with four-year-old girls being the most inquisitive. At the other end of the spectrum, nine-year-old boys are more content with their knowledge, asking a mere 144 questions per day.

    Although the number of questions children ask falls with age, they increase in difficulty – so much so that 82 per cent of mothers admit they can’t answer them

    Click here for more..source: (dailymail.co.uk)


  • 28 things that will make you miss recess

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Spring Break is here for most people and I was thinking maybe we, as adults, should have a spring break as well. I’m not talking about using vacation days but an actually spring break for a week 

    With that said, let’s go back a few years to Things That Will Make You Miss Recess 

    Wouldn’t it be fun just to run around on this playground for 20 minutes a day