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  • Hide your kids…Bieber Fever is real and dangerous

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Here’s the scientific explanation for it: Hearing familiar, favorite music stimulates the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter involved in pleasure and addiction, providing the same rush as eating chocolate or that winning does for a compulsive gambler, says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, who was able to observe the process using fMRI scans in his lab at McGill University in Montreal. Click here for more

  • You’ll never guess who this guy is

    Posted by Jack Spade

    You’ll never guess who this guy is…..(Hint: Leave Britney Alone Guy)

    Before there was Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, or David After Dentist, there was Chris Crocker, one of YouTube's original "ceWebrities." Back in September 2007, the bleached-blonde Tennessee teen found instant and unlikely fame when a camcorder rant he shot at his grandparents' house, "Leave Britney Alone!"--a sobbing defense of his fallen idol Britney Spears, after she caught flak for her disastrous VMAs performance--went superviral. (The clip racked up more than four million views in just two days, and as of this writing, it has been watched almost 44 million
    times.) But there is more to Chris Crocker than just those two minutes and 12 seconds of online infamy, as a surprising new documentary that premiered at Sundance earlier this year and aired on HBO this week, Me @ The Zoo(source: Yahoo Music)click here for more

  • Top 10 Break-Up songs

    Posted by Jack Spade

    There's an old saying that insists "revenge is a dish best served cold" -- the idea being that executing a calculated, unexpected response to having been wronged might ultimately produce a more satisfying outcome for the revenge seeker. A few singers perhaps missed that memo, preferring instead to combat cheaters, heartbreakers and deadbeats with heated and swift retribution (source: theboot.com) click here for top ten

  • The Top 5 Tats in Country

    Posted by Jack Spade

    The list we have been waiting for!! According to CMT here are the Top 5 Tats in Country, plus a pic of one of mine

    Here's one of my tats..I need to get 3 more and them Im done

  • Office Life

    Posted by Jack Spade

    I think anyone who works in an office can relate..new research suggests that 49% of people work with a ‘know-it-all’, 44% work with someone who constantly complains and the list goes on and on..click here for full survey

  • Whoopi goes OFF!!

    Posted by Jack Spade

    Rielle Hunter was on The View earlier today and Whoopi goes
    off with the ‘Quote of The Day’ ...“You trash a dead lady, whose husband you had an affair and a baby with, did it not occur to you that maybe that might not be the right tone to take”

    Check out video below