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  • Fall Fertilizer Recommentadions

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Bruce MacKellar with the MSU Extension sends along some timely advice...

    Fall Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Ag News Notes

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Here are a couple of items of statewide interest...


    Ag News Notes

  • Leaders Miss Deadline

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The Ag Committee leaders were not able to deliver farm policy recommendations to the deficit reduction super committee on Tuesday as they had planned - but their efforts continue.

    House Ag Ranking Member Collin Peterson says a lot of the bill is done. In fact - he says four or five of the titles - including dairy - are completed. Issues that remain in the areas of rural development, conservation and nutrition are solvable. It’s the commodity title that Peterson calls the hang-up…

    Leaders Miss Deadline

  • Rail Upgrades Needed

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The governor says it's time to consider improvements in Michigan's ability to transport produce by rail.

    Rail Upgrades Needed

  • Mackellar Harvest Update

    Posted by Rick Shields

    ...Flip the calendar to November -- agent Bruce Mackellar with the M-S-U Extension Service has this look at how field work is progressing.

    Mackellar Harvest Update

  • Fruit Trees and Snow

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Never underestimate the power of weather.  We see that demonstrated in photographs of the impact of heavy Northeast snows this week.  Mark Longstroth says we got lucky -- this time.

    Fruit Trees and Snow

  • Dealing With Apple Scab

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Bill Shane with the MSU Extension offers these thoughts on making next year better for apple growers.

    Dealing With Apple Scab

  • Pesticide Permit Deadline

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The deadline for EPA to start issuing permits for pesticide spraying in or near water is now less than a week away. The U.S. House has already approved a measure to ban the court-ordered permitting - but it’s been held up in the Senate Environment Committee by California’s Barbara Boxer and Maryland’s Ben Cardin. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley doesn’t expect anything to change by Monday - the October 31st deadline. He says Boxer and Cardin don’t seem to understand the weight of their failure to act…

    Pesticide Permit Deadline

  • More Trade Opportunities

    Posted by Rick Shields

    U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has been touting the benefits of the free trade agreements passed by Congress and signed by President Obama last week. Along with the ag export opportunities in Colombia, Panama and South Korea - Vilsack says the completion of work on those deals opens the door to work on other trade issues

    More Trade Opportunities

  • Late Harvest Cenditions

    Posted by Rick Shields

    We're into the home stretch harvest-wise...but things need to get drier...

    Late Harvest Conditions

  • Presidents Signs Agreements

    Posted by Rick Shields

    President Barack Obama signed the long-awaited implementation of free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea and the renewal of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

    The beef industry has long worked toward this day. Bill Donald - President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association - is understandably happy...

    President Signs Agreements

  • Tracking Alfalfa Problems

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Staying alert to severl root and foliar alfalfa problems now can pay off in upcoming seasons.

    Tracking Alfalfa Problems