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  • Growing Farmland Investment

    Posted by Rick Shields

     There’s been a lot of focus on the growing global population and what that means for food demand. As a result - investors have started taking notice of returns on resources that provide food, including farmland. In fact, North Dakota soybean farmer and United Soybean Board vice chair Vanessa Kummer says farmland is becoming the hot new investment item for hedge funds and investment groups in the U..S. and around the world….

    growing farmland investment

  • Fruit Harvest Update

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Several fruit crops are coming in -- no thanks to weather conditions.  And Mark Longstroth says another crop has already proven to be a bit of a dissapointment, yield-wise.

    Fruit Harvest Update

  • One of Michigan's Lesser Known Crops

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Bill Shane with the MSU Extension Service shares some background on one of our state's minor crops...

    One of Michigan's Lesser Known Crops

  • Still No Analysis

    Posted by Rick Shields

     House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas says it's now been more than a year since USDA released a proposed rule that would dramatically change the way livestock are marketed in this country. It's been known as the GIPSA rule - and after it was proposed - Lucas joined more than 100 Members of Congress to ask Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for a cost-benefit analysis on the rule for public comment. That request was denied.

    But during a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing - Lucas says Cass Sunstein of the Office of Management and Budget agreed that public analysis is important - stating the fundamental importance for economic analyses to be available for public review...

    Still No Analysis

  • Crops a Week Later

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Bruce Mackellar with the MSU extension has a look at how field crops are looking following a couple of very chilly mornings last week.

    Crops a Week Later

  • 2011 Harvest Reminders

    Posted by Rick Shields

     Growers in different parts of the country have faced a variety of weather challenges ranging from too hot to too cool and too wet to too dry. That’s raising some concern about the fall harvest.

    For the grain crops - Connie Hardy - Program Specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program - says this makes storage parameters and scouting very important…

    2011 Harvest Reminders

  • Popular 'How to Win an Election' Campaign Management Workshop returns

    Posted by Dan Cash

    LANSING, Sept. 16, 2011 - Are your sights set on running for a local, county or state elected office, or are you toying with the idea? Michigan Farm Bureau's (MFB) critically acclaimed Campaign Management Workshop is your ticket for organizing a successful campaign, getting it off the ground and winning an election. 

    Due to increased demand in the last election cycle, MFB will offer its popular "How to Win an Election" Campaign Management Workshop twice this election season. The first workshop is scheduled Nov. 10-11, at the MFB Family of Companies headquarters in Lansing. Registration is due Oct. 21. The workshop will be repeated in Lansing on Jan. 23-24, 2012. The registration deadline for the second event is Jan. 2. 

    Led by campaign experts from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Campaign Management Workshop is non-partisan and open to candidates running or considering running for local, county or state-elected office, as well as their spouses and campaign managers. For the best value and quality experience, each workshop is limited to 25 registrants on a first-come basis.

    For the full article from the Michigan Farm Bureau click here: Full Article


  • Ag Research Bill

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Senate Ag Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow and South Dakota Senator John Thune have introduced legislation to spur new ag research by leveraging private dollars to create charitable partnerships between universities and private entities. The Charitable Agricultural Research Act amends the tax code to allow for the creation of a new type of organization similar to the medical research organizations that have been around since the 50s..

    ag research bill

  • Ag Info Sources

    Posted by Rick Shields

    It's good to have a reminder from time to time about where to access agricultural-related information on line.  Roberta Osborne offers several of her top choices.

    Ag Info Sources

  • Crops Face a Cold Snap

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Farmers will face two nights of readings in the 30s this week.  Extension Ag Educator, Bruce Mackellar has a look at this could play-out for a late-planted corn crop.

    Crops Face a Cold Snap

  • Production Outlook Report

    Posted by Rick Shields

    USDA has again slashed its corn yield forecast - but the production outlook of nearly 12.5-billion bushels would still mark the third largest crop on record on the second highest planted area since 1944. The latest fall-off in corn yields follows a nearly six-bushel per acre loss in last month’s forecast.


    World Ag Outlook Board Chair Gerald Bange…

    production outlook report

  • Farming Risk of Electrocution

    Posted by Rick Shields

     The stats say about 60 farm workers will be electrocuted by accident this year. Most of them will be handling equipment - anything from a long ladder to a grain auger. The point of contact - according to University of Illinois Extension Farm Safety Specialist Bob Aherin - is normally an overhead powerline...tape

    Farming Risk of Electrocution