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  • NCGA Education Effort

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The National Corn Growers Association has been working in Washington D.C. on educating lawmakers on where there food comes from. The Corn Farmers Coalition has gotten involved after learning how disconnected consumers and lawmakers are from the farm.
    Mark Lambert, Senior Communications Manager with NCGA say's it's a big job.

    NCGA Education Effort

  • Flavored Milk War Continues

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The great chocolate milk debate continues. 

    Flavored milks have been banned in several large school districts across the U.SThe justification used by school officials is that they need to reduce the calories, including those from sugar, consumed through school lunches.

    But the dairy industry is not giving up without a fight.  Many milk companies across the U.S. are reformulating flavored milk to reduce the calories and sugar content.  And Midwest Dairy Association spokesman Kent Lehs (lease) says the industry continues to stress the nutritional value of flavored low-fat or skim milk.

    Flavored Milk War

  • FTA Passage Worries

    Posted by Rick Shields

     A lot of attention is on the Debt Reduction Committee - but that's not the only business that needs attention in Washington D.C.

    Colin Woodall of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association says he's changed his mind about the three pending free trade agreements..

    FTA Passage Worries

  • Volitile Market for Pork

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The recent USDA crop report squeezed corn and soybean supplies. Surprisingly -  hog markets followed the corn and soybean market higher. Paragon Economics President Steve Meyer offers his take on that market trend

    Volitile Market for Pork

  • Unusual Crop Insurance Year

    Posted by Rick Shields

     With all the weather problems farmers and ranchers have been facing this year - it's caused some headaches for the crop insurance program. Bill Murphy - Administrator of the Risk Management Agency at USDA - says this is the most unusual year he's ever seen for crop insurance in the 30 years he has been with the agency..

    Crop Insurance Year

  • MFB welcomes new agricultural labor and safety services and health care staff

    Posted by Dan Cash

    Two new faces have joined the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) Family of Companies in positions as agricultural labor and safety services coordinator and Health Services Department manager.

    On Aug. 1, Corina Salinaz, of Lansing, began part-time work as an agricultural labor and safety services coordinator for MFB's agricultural labor and safety services program. Effective Aug. 8, Marybeth Birchmeier, of St. Johns, became manager of the MFB Health Services Department. 

    For full article click here: 

  • State seeks nominations for Michigan Wheat Program Committee

    Posted by Dan Cash

    Now that the state's wheat farmers have voted to establish the Michigan Wheat Program, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is taking the next crucial step and seeking nominations from individuals interested in serving on the Michigan Wheat Program Committee. Nominations for all committee positions are being accepted through Aug. 31.

    "There's a lot of work ahead and nothing can happen until the nominating petitions are in and the Governor appoints the committee," said Bob Boehm, manager of the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) Commodity and Marketing Department. "The Michigan Farm Bureau looks forward to a swift process in establishing the committee so that the Michigan Wheat Marketing Program can move full steam ahead and start making progress on its objectives.

    For the full article click here: http://www.michfb.com/agrinotes/index/239/2123

  • Leaf Beetles in Soybeans

    Posted by Rick Shields

    In recent weeks - first generation bean leaf beetle adults have begun appearing in early-planted soybean fields across the Midwest. The beetles’ presence brings the typical feeding injury to soybean plants - including both foliar and pod-feeding damage.

    Dr. Ron Hammond - Extension Entomologist at Ohio State University - discusses what growers might expect from bean leaf beetle populations this season...

    Leaf Beetles in Soybeans

  • A Closer Look at the Corn Crop

    Posted by Rick Shields

     The nation's corn crop may look good from the windshield - but a closer inspection reveals a different picture. National Association of Farm Broadcasting's Stewart Doan reports

    A Closer Look at the Corn Crop

  • A Beekeeper Speaks Out

    Posted by Rick Shields

    County Fairs in Michigan -- a great time to show projects, sell products and share information... The Kalamazoo County Bee Club has been donning bright yellow t-shirts at the fair as they get the buzz out on bees.  As far as their primary message, club member Carolilne Abbott says...

    A Beekeeper Speaks Out

  • Growing Problem of Weed Resistance

    Posted by Rick Shields

    : The spread of resistant weeds - particularly glyphosate resistant broadleaf weeds - is currently a hot topic in agriculture. BASF Herbicide Technical Market Manager Dr. Dan Westberg says it’s important to realize that there is a difference between resistant weeds and tolerant weeds…

    Growing Problem of Weed Resistance

  • Colin Peterson on Ag Policy

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The future of farm policy and the writing of the 2012 Farm Bill largely hangs in the balance of on-going budget discussions in Washington. Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson - Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee and one of the architects of the 2008 Farm Bill - explains

    Colin Peterson Ag Policy