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  • Vote Ahead on Trade Normalization

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The U.S. House is expected this week to take up normalizing trade relations with Russia so U.S. producers can take full advantage of Russia's recent accession to the World Trade Organization. The House plans to vote to end decades-old Jackson Vanik trade sanctions against Russia - and grant the world's ninth-largest economy Permanent Normal Trade Relations. American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman says this is key to enabling U.S. producers to benefit from Russia's accession to the WTO

    Vote Ahead on Trade Normalization

  • Bullish About Bison

    Posted by Rick Shields

    At the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention a spokesman for the National Bison Association touts the advantages of an American icon.

    Bullish About Bison

  • Latest Corn-Soybean Forecasts

    Posted by Rick Shields

     USDA’s latest crop reports show a significant improvement in the soybean forecast - and a marginal one for corn. USDA stepped up its 2012-2013 corn yield and production estimates. World Ag Outlook Board Chair Gerald Bange says corn production is still down 13-percent from last season but up 19-million bushels from October at 10.7-billion…

    Latest Corn-Soybean Forecasts

  • Soybean Outlook

    Posted by Rick Shields

    There are several factors to consider when considering soybean prices on next year's crop,

    Soybean Outlook

  • Biodiesel Challenges

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The biodiesel industry says it’s on target to meet the Renewable Fuels Standard this year - but the numbers mask problems caused by the loss of a key tax break. National Biodiesel Board Spokesman Ben Evans describes a tale of two biodiesel economies - one driven by the nation’s Renewable Fuels Standard…

    Biodiesel Challenges

  • Biotech in US EU Talks

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The American Soybean Association has weighed in on possible U.S.-EU Free Trade talks. ASA wants biotech and other trade issues front and center. The U.S. soybean industry has seen a 44-percent drop in value and 70-percent drop in volume of its EU-bound exports from 1998 through last year. Soybeans are the nation’s largest farm export at 26-billion dollars last year - but they face alleged discriminatory biotech labeling requirements and renewable energy standards. ASA Incoming President Danny Murphy

    Biotech in US EU Talks

  • New World Soybean Leader

    Posted by Rick Shields

     Brazil may replace the drought-impacted U.S. as the world’s top producer of soybeans for the 2012-2013 harvest season. It’s still just a forecast - but Brazil’s expected 2012-2013 soybean production is expected to top that of the U.S. for the first time ever. World Ag Outlook Board Chair Gerald Bange says historically - it’s taken both Brazil and Argentina to surpass U.S. soybean production - but maybe not this year…

    New World Soybean Leader

  • Fininshing the Soybean Harvest

    Posted by Rick Shields

    As we move into November there's still a way to go to wrap up the 2012 harvest.

    Finishing the Soybean Harvest

  • Storm Delays Reports

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Monday morning USDA reports are among the multitude of things getting derailed by Sandy.

    Storm Delays Reports

  • Uncertain Post-Election Farm Bill Debate

    Posted by Rick Shields

    U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s recent commitment to take up the farm bill issue after the November election comes with a healthy dose of uncertainty. Cantor was quoted as saying he is committed to bring the issue to the floor and then to see a way forward so we can get the votes to pass a bill. In an email - Cantor’s spokesperson Megan Whittemore says Cantor said the issue would come up - but did not specify what that might be. Cantor had previously called for pushing the reset button on the farm bill.

    American Farm Bureau Deputy Director Dale Moore tried to be optimistic

    Uncertain Post-Election Farm Bill Debate

  • Produce Prices

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Consumers get good news on one front from a USDA economist.

    Produce Prices

  • Quit Kicking the Can

    Posted by Rick Shields

    A representative of the nation's largest ag organization says it's time to stop putting off major farm-impacting decisions.

    Quit Kicking the Can