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  • How many "Moons over my Hammy" can you get for 34 bucks?

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    A Florida couple with only $8 tried to get other customer’s at Denny’s to help them pay their $34.00 dinner bill.

    They ordered meals “which they both were served and did devour,” but when the bill came they couldn’t pay it.

    The couple only had $8 in cash and no credit or debit cards.

    When the manager confronted them they became “loud and boisterous” and threatened the staff and other customers before asking them to help them pay.

    When cops showed up the couple were trying to leave. They caught them with two sets of utensils in their pockets.


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    A woman found an envelope taped to her car.

    Inside was $40 in cash and a note that said: “I noticed the sticker on your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving: him deployed and you for waiting.”

    The note was signed “United States Veteran” and “God Bless”.

    The woman was so touched she snapped a picture of it - and it has since gone viral on Facebook.

    After sharing the picture with her deployed boyfriend, he said he was also touched and intended to pay the kindness forward.



  • Live proposal on TV new cast

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    A TV anchor broke the news of her own engagement live on air when her boyfriend hijacked the teleprompter during a weekend news bulletin.

    The anchor for an Alabama news station, was told by her producer that there was a breaking news story and she needed to read what was written on the screen in front of her.

    But mid-way through the "breaking news" she realized that she was reading her own wedding proposal live on air.

    She started laughing, then weeping, as her fiance walked on set and her co-workers left them to their moment.

    She said yes.




  • Airline loses more than luggage!

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    Dog accidently travels to Ireland

    A 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was meant to land in Phoenix but was put on the wrong flight.

    By Vetstreet 5 hours ago
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    Last week, Edith Lombardo-Albach brought her daughter’s 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Hendrix, to Newark International Airport to board a flight to Phoenix, Ariz.

    Photo: KNXV via YouTube / Hendrix is recovering from his extra-long journey to Arizona.Lombardo-Albach’s family is moving from Staten Island, N.Y., to Arizona, and Hendrix was going to be met by his owner, Meredith Grant, at the Phoenix airport. But just as the plane was due to arrive, Lombardo-Albach got a call from United Airlines, saying that the dog had mistakenly been put on a flight to Ireland.

    "I almost fainted," Lombardo-Albach said, according to PawNation.

    The poor pup had to fly back to New Jersey, and then on to his destination. The airline is “reviewing the circumstances surrounding the situation,” and offered the family a full refund for Hendrix’s $450 flight, said United spokesperson Megan McCarthy.

  • Mmmm face masks!

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    A 40-year-old California woman is addicted to eating clay powder-- the stuff used for facial masks.

    She eats up to a jar of clay a day.  She uses folded business cards to scoop it out of the pot and into her mouth.

    She is so dependent on the substance she will not leave the house without it -- and has been known to eat it while at work-- with chips!

    She will be featured on an upcoming episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.”


    NO WAY!

  • Isn't this ironic?

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    DANVILLE (AP) -- A star of the TV show "Moonshiners" has been arrested for public intoxication.

    Police in Danville announced Tuesday they had arrested Steven Ray Tickle -- known on the show as "Tickle" -- at a convenience store on Thursday.

    Police say they received a report of a man sitting in the parking lot of Charley's Stop and Shop drinking, and they saw Tickle with an open container and smelling of alcohol.

    The 35-year-old Tickle was released from the Danville City Jail later that day. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

    A spokesman for Discovery Channel, which airs the show, didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

    "Moonshiners" follows people making the illegal brew. The show's website describes Tickle as "a hard working still hand who loves moonshine."