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  • Jeff Gordon "The Prankster"

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    Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max headed to a car dealership with Jeff in disguise playing a test driver.  This poor salesman! LOL

  • Be sure to get your rest!

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    A lack of sleep during the workweek could take a toll on your waistline.

    People who lived for two weeks in a sleep lab gained almost two pounds over a five-night period when they were limited to five hours of sleep a night. When they went back to sleeping as much as nine hours a night, they ate less and lost a small amount of weight.

    Researchers think that the reason people gain weight when they aren't getting enough sleep is that, even though we need more food to stay awake, we tend to overcompensate and eat more than we need.



  • Pop Tarts can get you suspended?

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    BALTIMORE - A 7-year-old Maryland boy has been suspended from school after biting his breakfast pastry into a shape that his teacher thought looked like a gun.

    Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, said he was trying to nibble his strawberry Pop Tart into a mountain.


  • Truely, America's Finest!

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    A North Carolina police officer stopped to help a woman and child in the pouring rain.  A coworker took a photo of the helpful cop.  That photo went viral.

    The officer (Charles Ziglar) didn't seem to think his action was a big deal. 

    He says, 'It's pretty simple. It's doing the right thing.'



  • 7 miles, 100,000 dolphins

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    Mystery over the SEVEN-MILE long 'super mega-pod' of 100,000 dolphins spotted off the coast of San Diego

    A group of over 100,000 dolphins spotted off the coast of San Diego caused a spectacle for nature watchers as they traveled together in an enormous pack.

    'They were coming from all directions, you could see them from as far as the eye can see,' Joe Dutra said after seeing the spectacle first hand.

    Mr Dutra, who captains Hornblower Cruises, was out on his daily tour with a boat full of nature watchers when he spotted the massive group of dolphins.

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  • Double check your lunch container

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    Lean Cuisine Mushroom Ravioli is being recalled because it contains glass. The recall is for boxes bearing the production codes 2311587812 and 2312587812, with "best before" dates of December 2013.

  • Is he avoiding you on Valentine's Day?

    Posted by O'Reilly

    5 Not-So-Obvious Signs He's Avoiding Valentine's Day from

    1. He goes out of his way to spend time with his family that day. As demo'd by the grandma example. While sweet, turns out there may be some ulterior motives lurking. Whomp whomp.

    2. He crutches on the "work" excuse more than a week out. If he's building up talking about a big proposal he's putting together and it's just consuming him, [saying] and he'll be no fun this week or something like that it's bad news. How terribly cunning.

    3. He totally overplays it. If he's really a jerk, he could talk about so many grand gestures that he's going for the reverse psychology approach--he'll tire you out to the point where you say, "You know what? Let's stay in."

    4. He hasn't even laughed about it. Another friend of mine said, "A lot of us will joke about it and downplay what we're going to do." They'll at least acknowledge that the Valentine's Day exists, even if they're not a big fan. Don't take his silence as a sign that he's just being hush-hush, and that he's got something up his sleeve, though; if he's not using humor, he's likely playing an avoidance card.

    5. He says he gets depressed around this time of year. It may be true, but if his depression only lasts from February 12 through 15, start making the squinty-eye at him.

  • Zap your headache!

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    There is a remote-control device that lets people zap their migraine headaches away

    People who suffer from migraines or cluster headaches get an implant inserted into a group of nerves behind the nasal passages and eye sockets. They are also given a remote-control. 

    When patients feel headaches coming on, they simply hold the remote to their cheek that sends a radio signal to the implanted device.

    That triggers a slight electrical charge to stimulate nerve cells that helps get rid of the headache.