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  • Is this wrong?

    Posted by O'Reilly

    What if someone gives you a gift card, and you never use it?  Is it wrong to trade it in for cash?

  • Desperate Packer fan!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    A Green Bay Packers fan is trying to get to the Super Bowl by auctioning off the “Grace of His Presence”. So far, no one has bid on the man because they have no interest in paying for him to go to the game.


  • Mean!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Ok, I'm a Vikings fan and could really care less at this point, however, I sorta like the Patriots because of Tom Brady...and this video isn't very nice!


  • Wes Welker

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Wes Welker of the New England patriots puts his best foot forward!


  • Send a gift to a stranger!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    If you're wondering what to do with the awful gifts you received, check out Gift a Stranger.

    The site was dreamed up by communications agency Happiness Brussels. Enter your name, city, country, and a description and photo of your gift, and, using Google Maps, the site will return the address of a "happy person" you can send it to.

    The printable  shipping label is addressed "To the happy person living at..."

  • Stranded travelers

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Hopefully, your family made it to their holiday destinations this season!  Check out this kid.  WOW!


  • Oh, how embarrassing!

    Posted by O'Reilly

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