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  • Toby!

    Posted by O'Reilly
    Congratulations to Nolene, winner of Toby Keith tickets at the Longbranch in Vicksburg on Tuesday night. Thanks to all who came out to bike night!  What a great place.  That is going to be a fun place to hang out this summer, for sure.  Register here on to win YOUR chance to be at Toby Keith on us! 
  • O'Reilly's weekend Trivia contest!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Answer this question by emailing me  Out of all the correct answers on Monday morning, I will draw for a winner of a hot new country CD!  Good luck!


    QUESTION: What illustration was on the original Campbell's Soup can?

    (A) A giant tomato being hauled by two men
    (B) A giant tomato sitting next to a farmhouse
    (C) A smiling tomato head on a human body

  • God Bless The U.S.A!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    This is sad.  Students kicked off a campus on Cinco De Mayo for wearing American Flag T-shirts?  What is happening in this country.

  • Congrats to Kzoo Central!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    We announced early this morning that President Obama has selected Kalamazoo Central High School as the inaugural winner of the Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge! This will be the first time a sitting President has delivered a high school commencement address.  In my opinion, this is fabulous news, regardless of political views. I can always cast asside my personal views out of respect for the office of the President and I think this is way cool.  Way to go Kalamazoo Central!

  • Derby Time!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    I love the Kentucky Derby.  I have family that have lived in Louisville in years and it's always a special weekend.  My mom comes in from Iowa, we watch the Derby and of course enjoy some great food!  The 136th running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday.  The big race will probably happen right around 6:15 that day.  Here is my sister's great recipe for "Derby Pie".  It's wonderful if you've never had it. 


    1 cup sugar1/2 cup butter or margarine softened2 eggs beaten1 teaspoon vanilla
    3 tablespoons bourbon (I use at least 6)1 cup english walnuts
    1 cup chocolate chips ( I melt about 1/4th cup of these)
    mix sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla. add bourbon, walnuts and chocolate chips, put in unbaked pie shell. Bake at 350 for 35 to 40 minutes or until set. enjoy
  • Smoking

    Posted by O'Reilly

    The countdown continues to the smoking ban in bars/restaraunts.  Beginning Saturday people will no longer be able to smoke in these places. 

    I see both sides on this totally. Who has the right to say...???  You can say "if you don't like the smoke don't go out on the town, it's your choice"  or I might say, "I have the right to be here just as much as you and a right to not have to take it in.  You have a choice to go outside"  That's why this should not be decided by the state, but rather it's voters. WE should get to vote on decisions like this. Let the people duke it out!  Then the losing side just needs to live with the decision of the majority of the people.   I feel too many decisions are being made without our input.  Just my two cents.
  • Miranda

    Posted by O'Reilly

    My ears are still ringing.  I was under one of the speaker towers at Wings Stadium Saturday night for Miranda Lambert.  It was well worth it!  She's country, no doubt about it, however, Miranda knows how to rock as well. Congratulations to all of our Miranda winners on WIN 98.5!

  • MSU

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Well, Spartan fans are bummed today.  Even as a Michigan fan, I feel bad for MSU.  I was even more amazed at one gentleman who just became aware of the loss on Sunday when picking up his newspaper.  Upon reading the headline, he bellowed..."Ha Ha, the Spartans went down! Yes!!!"  He proceeded to get into is truck sporting a Michigan front plate and sticker in the back.  Now, I am a Michigan fan as well and during the season, I always cheer for Michigan over MSU.  That said, at final four time, when my team is out, I still want the "home team" to win the game. Just my two cents.

  • Ribs!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    With the beautiful weather on it's way this week, I'm ready to do a rack of ribs on the Weber - Maybe Saturday.  Here's the plan.  O'Reilly's basic rib recipe.  Rub down ribs with a layer of spicy mustard, then apply a liberal amount of rib rub (in my case, my favorite Memphis rib rub that I always pick up when visiting)  2 hours on indirect heat, then wrap in foil with apple juice and back on the bbq for another 3 hours.  AWESOME!  Of course, only charcoal, but that is a debate for another day.  I often use some good wood chips as well.  You have a favorite bbq recipe, feel free to let us all know.  It's that time of year again!

  • Jimmy On CMT

    Posted by O'Reilly

    I finally watched CMT Crossroads with Zac Brown & Jimmy B.  EXCELLENT.  Crossroads has featured some great duos over the years, but as a Parrothead, I must say this is my favorite.  If you missed it, keep an eye on CMT as it will most likely play quite often for a while.  It was also great to see Mac MaCanally as a big part of the show as well.