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  • Purple Haze

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Well, here it is, the day after my team fell short of going to the Superbowl - AGAIN.  It feels like 1998 all over again for me.  The Minnesota Vikings lost by a field goal back then after a great football season.  I made it in to work this morning to take grief from Jim Whelan, Scott Wagner (Bears Fan), Lions fans and former Brett Farve Cheesheads.  I hope Brett comes back, but if he doesn't the Vikings will be back with another great season in 2010 and I will rally behind them again as I always have since I was 5 years old.  For now, Go Colts!!

  • Martha made my day!

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    Do you ever have one of those days and someone comes through just at the right time to brighten your day?  Sometimes the mail carrier brings something other than bills.  I actually received a package from a listener in Kalamazoo that made my day on Wednesday.  As many know, I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.  I was in Memphis last weekend and was flying home so I missed the first half of the Vikings - Cowboys match up.  Well, I opened a package at our Kalamazoo office to find a recording of the first half of the game with a note "I thought maybe you would like to watch the first half since you missed the first part of the game on Sunday"  Martha, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Hope For Haiti Now

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    Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow are among 20 artists announced yesterday as performers on this Friday's Hope for Haiti Now telethon. The benefit -- being produced by George Clooney, among others -- will run simultaneously on more than 30 U-S T-V networks, including all four major networks. Organizers say it will be the most widely distributed global telethon in history.

  • Parothead fans unite for Haiti

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    Jimmy Buffett has posted a video on his website asking his Parrothead fans to help the victims of last week's earthquake in Haiti. He is asking that they text the word "Haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9 to make a 10-dollar donation to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief. "It's a very simple way to get a lot of good to Haiti in a very short time," Buffett says. --Sal Cirrincione

  • Still in Memphis

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    Well, it's been another emotional roller coaster ride at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  This trip to Memphis ALWAYS puts life in perspective.  I truly wish you had the opportunity to visit this hospital and see the miracles that happen here.  We look forward to sharing some of the patient stories over this weekend.  If you ever get the chance to visit Memphis, I really encourage to visit the hospital "without walls" as they continue to share research that is saving the lives of children all over the country.  We've come a long way, but the fight must continue to knock out childhood cancer because as Danny Thomas said, "No child should die in the dawn of life"  Tonight Randy Owen of Alabama, who championed the cause with country radio stations across the nation will join us at dinner this evening.  Randy will take the stage, sing a few songs and will make the case for HOPE!  Talk to you Monday morning again on Your Kids Country, WIN 98.5!

  • Going to Memphis

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    I will be flying to Memphis next week to visit our friends at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  You may want to mark February 25th and 26th in your daily planner for our WIN 98.5 radio-thon. The kids sure could use your help again in 2010.  Become a Partner In Hope! Have you been on an airplane lately?  Any travel advice you would like to share?  I'm very excited about flying now as a smaller individual!  I might even be able to get the tray in front of me down!  It's the little things in life, you know.

  • Keeping resolutions!

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    Well, did you catch the premiere of the 9th season of The Biggest Loser? For the first time contestants weighed in their home town, in a public place.  Michael lost 34 pounds, the most at one time of any contestant in the show's history.  Michael was also the heaviest contestant and is finally out of the 500s.  Well, there is some inspiration if you want to shape up.  I spent one hour on the treadmill last night for two nights in a row now.  Geez, now I have to increase my speed or something!  No matter what your resolution may be, I wish you the best!

  • Getting back to work

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    The holidays have such a build up and then before you blink, it's all over.  I think a great new years resolution would be to keep that good feeling all year long.  It's been a tough new year for most in 2009.  I'm looking forward to a positive new year!  This morning Kim and I were chatting about when New Years resolutions should actually start.  January 1st, 2nd? Today, the first Monday back?  Or how about after all the college bowl games?  Elivs' birthday?  Ah whatever, do the best you can!  I know I started mine on January 2nd.  I made it to the health club and got on that treadmill.  After I finish this blog, I think I'll head right over there.  Talk to you soon!

  • Happy New Year!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    with friends in Coldwater


    I hope you enjoyed your new years celebrations. I spent my New Years day with friends in Coldwater.  I still can't figure out if I want to call it twenty-ten or two thousand 10.  What about that 2K10?  I seem to be hearing that a lot.  What do you think? Thanks for listening to WIN 98.5 this past year and we are going to have a fun 2010!  Talk to you on Monday.

  • Student Of The Month!

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    It was so fun to award young Kahlor for the next WIN 98.5 Student Of The Month.  We would also like to salute ALL of our hard working students in soutwest Michigan!  Kahler stopped by this morning and was very excited to pick up his winnings!

  • New Years Fest

    Posted by O'Reilly

    If you're looking for some New Years Eve fun, you'll want to come to New Years Fest in Kalamazoo, downtown.  There will be an awesome fireworks display and of course the traditional ball drop.  Check out some of the more unique traditions below:

    Bangor, Maine will drop a beach ball decorated with lights

    Baltimore Maryland will drop a disco ball.

    Terre Haute, Indiana will drop watermelons

    Atlanta will drop an 800-pound peach.

    Port Clinton, Ohio is dropping a walleye fish.

    Mount Olive, NC will drop a pickle

    Hershey Pennsylvania will drop a Hershey's Kiss.

    Tallapoosa, Georgia will drop an opossum

  • New Year 2010 on WIN 98.5!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Be sure to catch the top songs of 2009 on Your Country WIN 98.5.  I'll be counting down the songs you requested most all year long on New Years Day from Noon - 6. You will here great memories shared by some of your favorite artists from this year and of course all the great music.  Happy New Year from Your Country WIN 98.5!