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  • Parrothead hanging his head again!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Brett Favre made one more impossible throw, zinging a touchdown pass in the fading seconds. Too bad for the Minnesota Vikings, that merely put them into overtime.

    The Vikings lost again Monday night, beaten by the Chicago Bears 36-30 when Jay Cutler tossed a 39-yard strike to Devin Aromashodu. Minnesota fell for the third time in four games, and the defeat gave the New Orleans Saints homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

    I know that Scott Wagner is very happy with this news and is walking around proudly sporting his Chicago Bears T-Shirt.  As a Vikings fan, this concerns me.  I also wonder how much sleep I have lost over the years because of this football team.  Why do I continue to put up with this year after year?

  • Buffett makes top concert gross list!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    Jimmy Buffett comes in at number 22 for the Top Box Office Grossers of the decade according to Billboard Magazine

    Total Gross: $215,367,754 Number of Shows: 196
    Total Attendance: 3,927,053 Number of Sell-Outs: 131
    (in case you’re wondering…The Stones #1.)

  • Christmas!

    Posted by O'Reilly

    My mom and I


    I hope you had a very merry Christmas and had a chance to spend time with your family.  2009 has been an interesting year for me to say the least.  In March of 2009, I was admitted to the hospital and spent the better part of two months in and out of there.  This was a very scary time and being sick surely puts life in perspective for you.  I couldn't have made it through the ordeal without my family and especially my sister in Kentucky.  I stayed with them for nearly 6 months this year as I worked on getting better.  So, it was extra special this year to spend Christmas with them in Kentucky along with my mom from Iowa.  I will be looking forward to this New Years Day more than any before.  The good things that came out of 2009 was a tremendous weight loss and the chance to come back to the great state of Michigan and work with the crew at WIN 98.5 again. I am truly blessed.  Hello 2010 and Happy New Year!!!!!!