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  • What shopper type fits you?

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    The 8 Types Of Holiday Shoppers from the

    The One-Upper This person's M.O. when shopping for holiday gifts is to give better gifts than everyone else. This might mean spending more time, more money or more man power on coming up with the most wonderful gift of all time. Their goal is to make you weep when you open your present. And also to make everyone else feel like an jerk.

    The Early Bird Shopping Style: They want their holiday shopping done and they want it done by midnight on Black Friday. They don't suffer foolish holiday shopping gladly. They have a budget and will get everything on their list and more. ON SALE.

    The Last Minute Rusher Every year this person vows not to wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping, yet every year, they find themselves panicked, scrounging for gifts on Christmas Eve. It's uncanny.

    The Spontaneous Shopper They only buy when they're moved to. They have to know that a gift is perfect for someone in order to buy it. They'd rather buy nothing than buy something dumb and they take great pride in their ability to find the best gifts.

    The Unimaginative Shopper Hey can't be bothered to figure out what everyone wants, so they break their list into categories and buy the same thing for everyone in that category.

    The Selfish Gifter They buy according to what they would want. The holidays are just an excuse for them to explore their own interests further.

    The Anti-Gift Giver They don't believe in exchanging holiday presents, either politically or ethically, and they've made this very clear to you.

    The Obsessive DIYer They don't shop, they make. As we speak, these crafty mofos are cooking up a holiday project that will blow your mind.

  • Awesome parents!

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    As a diabetic, this picture really touched me.  These two tatooed insulin pumps so their diabetic child would feel better about having to wear one.


  • Frankie comes home!

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    Excellent performance from Frankie Ballard again this year in Kalamazoo.  You can tell this December show means a TON to Frankie!  He appreciates the support of the hometown crowd!!



  • Most irritating Christmas tunes!

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    What do you think?  Should others be added or deleted from this list?


    10 Worst Christmas Songs ... survey was conducted by Edison Media Research

    1. “Jingle Bells,” Singing Dogs

    2. “The Man With All the Toys,” Beach Boys

    3. “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” Spike Jones

    4. “Jingle Bells,” Barbra Streisand

    5. “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer,” Elmo and Patsy

    6. “O Holy Night,” Cartman

    7. “Blue Christmas,” Seymour Swine & the Squealers

    8. “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” Neil Diamond

    9. “Deck the Halls,” Mannheim Steamroller

    10. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” Little Jimmy Boyd

  • Toys For Tots Stuff The Bus

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    Teaming up again this year with the US Marine Corps Reserve to Stuff The Bus for Toys For Tots.  You can still drop off an unwrapped toy for a child less fortunate this Christmas season all day Saturday 12-8 at Toys R Us in Portage!

  • Gifts to avoid giving

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    8 Gifts Not To Give This Holiday from

    An appliance
    If the romance in your relationship has died, been buried and had the earth around the grave salted then go ahead and buy your significant other a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, beware.

    The partial gift 
    People have told stories of receiving half-eaten cakes, gift baskets with items clearly missing and partly used gift cards. But there's another partial gift to beware which is anything that obligates the recipient to come up with more money to use it.

    A nose-hair trimmer
    Men get a lot of lame gifts like ties, socks and underwear. But "lame" is so very much better than "insulting" because how else can you interpret a gadget that says, "Hey, I noticed that thatch growing out of your nostrils and it's high time you did something about it?"

    The 'improving' gift 
    Any gift that could possibly be construed as a criticism should be struck instantly from your list.

    The gift of exercise
    Gym memberships, Ab Rockets and Wii Fit games can be fabulous gifts for the already fit and already toned. For everyone else, they are "improving" gifts.

    A puppy 
    Don't give a puppy -- or a kitty or a bunny or any other adorable fuzzy creature that isn't stuffed.

    The generic gift
    Here's a guideline: If you could give a gift to any number of people, maybe it's not a good gift for any of them.

    The misleading box
    The box better match the present.

  • Bad mood? Maybe something good to eat will help?

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    8 Foods That End Bad Moods from

    Mood-Boosting Food #1: Mussels Mussels are loaded with some of the highest naturally occurring levels of vitamin B12 on the planet—a nutrient that most of us are lacking.

    Mood-Boosting Food #2: Swiss Chard This leafy green is packed with magnesium—a nutrient essential for the biochemical reactions in the brain that increase your energy levels.

    Mood-Boosting Food #3: Blue Potatoes Blue potatoes aren't a common supermarket find, but they're worth looking out for on your next trip to the farmer's market. Blue spuds get their color from anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that provide neuro-protective benefits like bolstering short-term memory and reducing mood-killing inflammation.

    Mood-Boosting Food #4: Grass-Fed Beef Animals raised on grass pastures boast much higher levels of healthy conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA), a "happy" fat that combats stress hormones and blasts belly fat.

    For the rest, click here:

  • How much will the 12 days cost you this year?

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    12 Days of Xmas: Purchasing every item mentioned in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will cost $107,300 in 2012. That's an increase of 6.1% over last year, according to PNC Wealth Management. Buying one set of the core items in each verse costs $24,431 in traditional stores this year, but $40,440 online.

    Here is the breakdown of the 364 items:

    — Partridge, $15; last year: same

    — Pear tree, $189.99; last year: $169.99

    — Two turtle doves, $125; last year: same

    — Three French hens, $165; last year: $150

    — Four calling birds (canaries), $519.96; last year: same

    — Five gold rings, $750; last year: $645

    — Six geese a-laying, $210; last year: $162

    — Seven swans a-swimming, $7,000; last year: $6,300

    — Eight maids a-milking, $58; last year: same

    — Nine ladies dancing (per performance), $6,294; last year: same

    — 10 lords a-leaping (per performance), $4,767; last year: same

    — 11 pipers piping (per performance), $2,562; last year: $2,428

    — 12 drummers drumming (per performance), $2,776; last year: $2,630

  • Cold or flu? Try these remedies.

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    Cold And Flu Remedies: 7 Ways To Feel Better Fast from

    Eat Chicken Soup It's true, chicken soup is a legitimate remedy for cold and flu symptoms: Chicken soup mildly reduces congestion. In Chinese medicine, spicy hot soups are recommended to treat upper respiratory infections to promote mucus drainage.

    Get Some Rest A cold or the flu can make you feel miserable, miss work and put your life into disarray. Stop stressing about it and instead, sleep it off. Rest is one of the best ways to combat either illness.

    Stay Hydrated Colds and the flu usually bring on dehydration, so drinking water is a crucial part of your recovery. Juice, broth, lemon water and herbal teas also help.

    Drink Hot Tea Warm, non-caffeinated beverages, like tea, fight dehydration, soothe a sore throat and break up congestion. Hot liquids help to loosen secretions in the chest and sinuses, making them easier to expel.

    Don't Overdose on Vitamins The jury is out on whether vitamin C can help cure a cold, but experts agree that it can help reduce inflammation, which will help you feel better faster. Most vitamins, including C, promote an overall healthy immune system.

    Go Gargle Have a sore throat? No need to run to the drug store -- instead, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a 1 cup of warm water and gargle. While it doesn’t taste great, it helps soothe a sore throat and should make it easier to swallow.

    Steam It Out Congested? Breathing in steam is a quick way for relief: Steam helps decrease congestion of nasal passages.