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  • 10 Black Friday Tips

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    10 Black Friday Shopping Tips from

    (1) Be prepared. Before you head out to the store, research the Black Friday adsand outline exactly what you would like to purchase. And to be extra prepared, you can even research the layout of your store, so you’ll know exactly where to head to grab the items on your list.

    (2) Be ready to stand in line for quite a long time. Wear comfy shoes and appropriate outerwear and consider leaving the kiddos at home if this is not possible, bring toys or other items to keep them entertained while shopping. 

    (3) Know your store’s hours (some stores are opening on Thanksgiving night while others are waiting until the wee hours of Friday morning). The early shopper gets the discount.

    (4) Familiarize yourself with each store’s price matching and/or coupon policy. Keep in mind that many stores have created special price matching policies specific for Black Friday.

    (5) Make a list! This will keep you focused and will definitely help to prevent you from being tempted to purchase additional items that are not on the list.

    (6) Remember to ask yourself whether the great deal you see is actually a great deal for you. You may also want to research online prices versus in-store prices, as you can often snag better deals online even when you factor in shipping costs. Plus, think about the time and gas saved when shopping online!

    (7) Keep those receipts! After the adrenaline rush is over, you may realize that you got caught up in the Black Friday craziness and purchased items that you really do not want. As long as you have the receipt, you should be able to return them and get a full refund.

    (8) Go with your mom, sister, or a friend. Plan ahead and plan to split up so you can snag items for each other. If you don’t want to go to separate stores, you can each start out on separate ends of the same store and meet in the middle after you’ve snatched up as many of the things on your (and each other’s) lists as you could along the way.

    (9) Gas up the night before so you don’t waste precious sleep OR shopping time at the pump. Also, map out your route based on store opening times to minimize backtracking and missing out on doorbuster items you’re planning to purchase.

    (10) Don’t give up! If the item you are looking for is not on the shelf or display, check the front of the store where other shoppers may have left items they weren’t sure about before checking out. Or, check with your cashier to see if someone happened to change their mind at the register and leave the item you were looking for there.

    (11) Be friendly. You will be amazed at how people will help each other, even in the craziness, if they are approached with kindness.10 

  • Memorial wall in Marshall

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    On this Veteran's Day, we salute Bob Miesner, a Vietnam veteran who created this wonderful Memorial wall at the Fountain in Marshall.  You can listen to the interview with Bob on Kim & O'Reilly show just below the pictures.


    Memorial Wall Tribute

  • I hope this shows up on I-94 soon!

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    If you’re at work, you’ve forgotten your lunch, and you can’t afford to go out for it, you’ll be faced with eating from the vending machine. While there’s nothing wrong with frozen food, it does kind of stink that you’ll be stuck having to waste time nuking it.

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