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  • Redwings game plan idea

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Could this be the key to winning the playoff game tonight

    The Comcast reporter kept her cool and kept on going!

    photo courtesy-blogs.uhaul.com

  • Peyton Manning sings with Luke Bryan

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    They were having fun covering "Folsom Prison Blues"

    It was for the childrens hospital in Indy. Should Manning keep his day job?


  • Central Michigan kicks off the draft

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Offensive tackle, Eric Fisher from Central was the first pick last night

    First player ever from the Mac!  Eric gave a big shout out to the Mac as he heads to Kansas City. Were you suprised by the all the linemen leading the draft?

  • George Jones and Tammy

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    One of my favorites

    George Jones gave us over 150 albums, it's hard to narrow down your favorites like White Lightning and He Stopped Loving Her Today. Some of my other favorites include the duets with Tammy Wynette, who he was married to for six years. Golden Ring and We're Gonna Hold On hinted at their intense relationship. 

    It seemed like the Possum had 9 lives, surviving accidents, bypass surgery, and a tour bus crash he missed by flying at the last minute. George Jones died today after being hospitalized Monday with fever and irregular blood pressure at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville. Our thoughts and prayers to his wife, Nancy and family.

    We'll treasure all the gifts  in music and memories you've given us!

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  • Miranda Lamberts kids

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Her dogs are her kids

    You can help her foundation MuttNation supporting dogs and shelter needs.

    source-people.com,miranda lambert

  • Fighting in Public

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    This guy built a menu fort around him so he didn't have to look at his date anymore

    Hopefully the breadsticks are on the way at their Olive Garden date in North Carolina. What's your worst date ever?

  • Beer Pong Bacteria

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Cooties are showing up at Beer Pong tourney's

    Clemson U. students found up to 3 million germs on the pingpong balls used in the game.  The 5 second rule doesn't count?


    Now there's some hazards.



    photo courtesy-americanpartycups.com,collegehumor.com

  • Suspect in custody

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Cheering and Congratulations in Watertown, Mass. tonight. The Mayor of Boston is tweeting we got 'em! After a day long lockdown, a homeowner notices a tear on a boat tarp, notices blood and notifies police. A gun battle occures and suspect 2 is now in custody.

    Boston Strong tonight!  Amazing, expeditious work from Police,FBI, Homeland Security, first responders, and Bostonians.

    Dzhokhar Tsarmaev, 19 yr. is in custody, wounded. Captured, Justice has won.



  • Tattoo to monitor vitals

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    You'll be able to check out your heart rate, hydration, exposure to sun -

    MC10's smart sensing sticker will connect the info. to your smart phone.


    I'm waiting for the touchscreen t's. I'm not a watch person, but the smart-watch is on the way.

    What gear can't you live without?


    photo courtesy-howtobeswell.com,tvacres.com