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  • Power snow

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Snow is steady, 4 inches today and another 3 tonight.  W. Main, Kalamazoo is now snow packed and slick.  Visibility tonight 1/4 to 1/2 mi. til early morning.  Gotta get some gas for the snow blower and let Annie out to make yellow snow in the snow tunnels.

  • Lovely close up in it's Complicated

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    It's complicated started out slow, then Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep kicked in the fun. Steve Martin really only had one scene that was fun.  The close up web shot of Alec Baldwin was a riot and had everyone screaming in the theatre. The flick touched on all the problems of divorced families.  Jim from the Office had a great role, making it one of the first must see romantic comedies of 2010.  

  • Crazy ice fishing

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    The first to go ice fishing at Gull Lake was the first to go swimming! Not my kind of sport, ski pants aren't flattering either.


  • My Clam Chowder for New Years recipe

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    3 slices bacon, diced

    1 cup and 2 tbs.chopped onion (or leeks)

    1/2 cup water

    3 cups peeled and cubed potatoes

    1 tsp. salt

    ground pepper to taste

    1 1/2 cups half and half

    1/2 cup of milk

    2 tbs. and 1 tsp. butter

    1 1/2 cans (10 ou.) minced clams

    1/2 cup chopped celery

    1/2 cup chopped carrots

    3 Bay leaves

    2 tbs. flour

    1/2 cup clam juice

    1/8 cup of parsley

    (optional - 1/2 cup fresh sweet corn) 

    1- Cook bacon in large stock pot, add onions, water, potatoes, carrots,and seasonings. Cook 10 minutes. Stir in flour and cook another 10 minutes. Add clam juice, cream, clams, parsley and cook for another 5 minutes. Do not boil.



  • Willie hits the road

    Posted by PJ Lacey


    Saw Willie Nelson several years ago at the Illinois state Fair. His mom wails on the piano.  Kris Kristofferson stood right by me, I could not speak!

    Willie Nelson Tour Dates

    January 7 - El Paso, Texas, at the Abraham Chavez Theatre
    January 8 - Fort Worth, Texas, at Billy Bob's Texas
    January 9 - Houston, Texas, at the Arena Theatre
    January 12 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the Varsity Theatre
    January 13 & 14 - New Orleans, Louisiana, at the House of Blues
    January 15 - Bossier City, Louisiana, at the Horseshoe Casino & Hotel/Riverdome
    January 16 - Biloxi, Mississippi, at the IP Casino, Resort & Spa
    January 17 - Montgomery, Alabama, at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre
    January 19 - Huntsville, Alabama, at the Von Braun Center
    January 21 - Dothan, Alabama, at the Dothan Civic Center Arena
    January 22 - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at the House of Blues
    January 23 - Augusta, Georgia, at the William B. Bell Auditorium
    January 24 - Macon, Georgia, at the Macon City Auditorium
    January 26 - Bristol, Tennessee, at Viking Hall
    January 28 - Kenansville, North Carolina, at the Duplin County Events Center
    January 29 - Rome, Georgia, at The Forum
    January 30 - Asheville, North Carolina, at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
    February 11 - Jacksonville, Florida, at the Florida Theatre
    February 12 - Fort Meyers, Florida, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
    February 13 - Boca Raton, Florida, at the Sunset Cove Amphitheatre
    February 14 - Tampa, Florida, at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
    February 16 - Richmond, Virginia, at The National
    February 17 - Danville, Kentucky, at the Norton Center
    February 19 - Evansville, Indiana, at The Centre
    February 20 - Springfield, Missouri, at the Shrine Mosque
    February 21 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, at the Summit Arena
    February 23 - Wichita, Kansas, at The Cotillion
    February 27 - Mission, Texas, at Las Palmas Race Park
    February 28 - San Antonio, Texas, at the Majestic Theatre
    April 17 - Florence, Arizona, at Country Thunder USA

  • For Taylor Fans

    Posted by PJ Lacey


    Taylor Swift

    Here's one you'll have to buy for your Taylor fan:

    A new Taylor Swift song is surfacing on  the "Valentine's Day" soundtrack.  Celebrity-Mania.com says Swift's "Today Was A Fairytale" is one of two songs the country-pop crossover star is providing for the compilation soundtrack album.  The song is prominent in a new featurette promoting the film.  Swift's hit "Jump Then Fall" is also among the 18 tracks on the disc.  Other country contributions to the project include Jewel's "Stay There Forever," Willie Nelson's "On the Street Where You Live," and Steel Magnolia's "Keep On Lovin' You."

    The movie "Valentine's Day" will mark Swift's feature film debut.  She appears opposite "Twilight" and "New Moon" star Taylor Lautner, portraying the prom queen and king at a Los Angeles-area high school.  "Valentine's Day" opens in theaters on February 12th, while the soundtrack album will arrive in stores on February 9th.

  • Wheres the recalled beef

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    An Oklahoma company is voluntarily recalling 248-thousand pounds of beef products after an outbreak of illnesses involving E. coli bacteria.  National Steak and Poultry of Owasso said the first recall in the company's nearly 30-year history was precautionary.  It did not confirm any contamination at its facilities.  The products are being recalled from the six states reporting illnesses: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Michigan, and Washington.

  • new security measures at metro

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Have some friends traveling back to Dallas next week. How long do you think it'll take to get through security?

    On Dec. 25, 2009, an individual on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 set off a device and was subdued by passengers and crew. TSA wishes to acknowledge the heroic efforts of those individuals.

    As a result of this incident, TSA has worked with airline and law enforcement authorities, as well as federal, state, local, and international partners to put additional security measures in place to ensure aviation security remains strong. Passengers traveling domestically and internationally to U.S. destinations may notice additional screening measures.

    The American people should continue their planned holiday travel. TSA encourages passengers to remain observant and aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior or activity to law enforcement officials.

    Click here to read a statement about the incident from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    Q: What additional security measures is TSA taking domestically?
    A: TSA has a layered approach to security that allows us to surge resources as needed on a daily basis. We have the ability to quickly implement additional screening measures including explosive detection canine teams, law enforcement officers, gate screening, behavior detection and other measures both seen and unseen. Passengers should not expect to see the same thing at every airport.

    Q: What additional security measures are being taken for international flights to U.S. destinations?
    A: TSA issued a directive for additional security measures to be implemented for last point of departure international flights to the United States. Passengers flying into the United States from abroad can expect to see additional security measures at international airports such as increased gate screening including pat-downs and bag searches. During flight, passengers will be asked to follow flight crew instructions, such as stowing personal items, turning off electronic equipment and remaining seated during certain portions of the flight.

    Q: Do passengers need to do anything differently to prepare for checkpoint security procedures? Has anything changed in terms of what passengers can bring in their carry-on or checked bags?
    A: At this time, security checkpoint requirements for passengers departing U.S. airports remain the same. Passengers do not need to do anything differently, but they may notice additional security measures at the airport.

    Q: Should passengers plan to arrive at airports earlier than normal?
    A: Passengers traveling within the United States should give themselves extra time to check in and proceed through the security checkpoint before their flight, especially during the busy holiday travel season. TSA advises that passengers traveling on international flights to U.S. destinations allow extra time for security and arrive an additional hour earlier.

    Q. How long will these measures remain in place?
    A: TSA will continuously review these measures to ensure the highest levels of security.

  • Top baby names of 09

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Congrats Renee and Jason, i'll be having a new niece.  Congrats Jason and Stephanie, i'll be having a new nephew in Feb. WHAT'S IN THE WATER IN ILLINOIS GUYS?

     Babies docked

    The most popular boys and girls names for 2009 are in.  BabyCenter.com reports "Isabella" was the top pick for girls, while "Aiden" was the number one choice for boys.  "Sophia," "Emma," "Olivia" and "Ava" round out the top five for girls.  "Ethan," "Jackson," "Jayden" and "Jacob" complete the top five for boys.  The top girl name over the past decade was "Emma," while "Aiden" was the number one choice for boys.  BabyCenter.com says it compiled the lists by speaking with hundreds of thousands of parents in 2009 and millions of parents in the past decade.  To see complete lists of the most popular names in 2009 and over the past ten years, visit BabyCenter.com.

  • Keith Urban's Christmas

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Keith Urban says he, his wife Nicole Kidman, and their daughter Sunday will be spending Christmas in Australia.  The singer expects they'll have a great time.