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  • We lose Mindy McCready to early

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    She was just 37, sad news tonight that Mindy McCready's body was found in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

    Her boyfriend, David Wilson died a month ago, still under investigation.  Her two children, Zane and Zander were taken away. Her last interview, according to E and Nbc noted how painful David's death was and how he'd touched her soul.

    rest in peace 







  • Alan Jackson's Valentine Message

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Alan and Denise have been through alot

    He tells us about the good times and bad


    Alan Jacksons Valentine Message

  • Dog kissing contest for V-Day

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    The Yorkie scores


    45.8 seconds was the winning time, start practising for next years longest dog kissing contest.

  • Automatic Pancakes

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Look ma, no hands

    The freshest cakes in town, but where's the berries and can it do dishes?

  • Lamest proposal ever

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Jay Cutler's a sweetie

    Texting the proposal is weak

    Cutler's Girlfriend and mom of their son Camden received a special delivery, the diamond in the mail.

    Come on Jay, make an effort, have the front office shedule a flight, put it on the scoreboard, pick up some flowers... postal service not required.



    photo courtesy-thebiglead.com,e-online.com,AKM-GSI,socialitelife.com

  • So God Made a Farmer

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Paul Harvey's, "So God Made a Farmer" had this farm girl in a trance Sunday

    It's from a '78 FFA convention Mr. Harvey was speaking at. Ram is taking it further- when you , they make a donation to support FFA. Declaring '13 the year of the farmer, watch and share with Henkel Automotive & Ram, Battle Creek, Mi. 

    The getting up before the crack of dawn and staying up til midnite to do the school board meeting was the drill

    reminded me of watering & herding stubborn cows down the road.


    photo courtesy-tractorbynet.com,farmpower.com


  • Bye to 30 Rock

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Tonights the finale

    Poor Gerry, my husband has spent 7 seasons loving Tina Fey

    Liz Lemon was wisecracking, smart, inventive with new words like Lizzing, Snart, and Blerg

    Guess nerdy can be sexy

    You can catch Tina with Paul Rudd in admission this March


    I'm sure we'll be seeing Tina and Alec Baldwin on SNL

    Guess it's just re-runs and dreams for Gerry now.

     photo courtesy- Imdb.com,inquisitr.com