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  • You thought you hated Twilight

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Why is this Jack Russell is freaking out

    Wait til he looks out the window at Michael J. Fox

    He's fine by day -


    photo courtesy-hollywoodhatesme.wordpress.com,dturek.blogspot.com


  • Larry the Cable Guy tickets

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Larry the Cable Guys performing tonight at Firekeepers Casino-Hotel

    The shows are sold out, you can still Git R Done at Firekeepers Casino-Hotel this afternoon.  I'll be registering for free ticket giveaways from 4-6pm.

    Batons and margarita's, I'm in!



    photo courtesy of tv.com/people

  • Divorce made easier App

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    It's hard enough going through the big D, that's why they came out with the iSplitDivorce app. A pocket-size guide that lays out everything out to be a bit less painful and more efficient

    From the house, car, jewelry and bike, just drop and drag to tally without arguing and less legal fees. Could make it faster too!



    photo courtesy-cadivorce.com


  • Tasty Flu Remedy

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Fight the bug with Influenza Sorbet

    Not sure if the Maker's Mark whiskey, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey and fruit juice takes care of those icky symptoms or if you really don't care after a pint.

  • Dancing into the Inauguration Ball

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    While you were digging out the driveway last night

    The commander in chief ball was just getting fired up! Jennifer Hudson's amazing voice got the first couple sliding across the dance floor.

    Bangs are back-


    photos courtesy-usmagazine.com

  • Kzoo Chili-Cookoff Recipes

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    You ready to taste some of the most tried and tasted recipes in Michigan?

    Shopping and talking with all the businesses downtown add to the fun Saturday, 1/25th at the Downtown Kalamazoo Chili-cookoff. Every possible ingredient, from turkey, brisket, flank steak, wild boar and cherry's-

    Hungry for chili, get a bowl at one of the downtown restaurants or get the Chili-cookoff recipe cookbook after, to try at home.



  • Is linebacker Manti Te'o a victim or accomplice?

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    All season, Notre Dame fans heard how Manti's girlfriend gave him inspiration as she fought and lost her battle with leukemia

    Except, Lennay Kekua never existed despite all the press hype. Sports website, Deadspin even found the 22 yr. old woman whose facebook photo was used as the face of Lennay, much to her suprise.  Is the Notre Dame star in on the hoax?


  • Heatin' it up at Kzoo's Chili Cook-Off Saturday

    Posted by PJ Lacey

    Try the Michigan Cherry Chili at Nature Connection, of Good Ole Boy Chili at the Spirit of Kalamazoo that has pork sausage and venison included.

    Old Burdick's uses a Slow Braised Brisket and then there's the White Chicken Chili. Taste Monaco Bay's with a touch of lemon juice and cubed Caribbean Jerk spiced chicken.  Plata Y Oro has sweet corn and chicken broth adding flavor to the turkey. Lana Hawkin's has oz. of salsa and Terrapin's Chili has a combo of Turkey/Chorizo sausage/ and frozen winter squash to round out their recipe.

    The Fun begins at 11, serving at 11:30 Downtown. Bring a pair or two of mittens for the Mitten Challenge competition with Wisconsin! (Mitten state display at the Kalamazoo Mall, north of Michigan Avenue).