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Worried about WMU Football? Don’t be. Look no further than this week’s opponent.

by Colin Windecker

It takes a lot to admit when you are wrong. PJ Fleck has no reservations about the failure that was his home opening game as a head coach.

“Last week’s game, 100% my fault,” coach Fleck said after the Broncos lost to Nicholls 27-23. “I did not have the team ready to go. But we are going to continue to grow and learn.”

And this Bronco team will continue to grow and learn.

Still have doubts? Just take a quick history lesson from than this week’s opponents head coach, Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald took over a Northwestern program at the ripe age of 31, a full year younger than Fleck who became head coach off WMU at 32. His team, a Big Ten school by the way, also lost to a 1-AA school in New Hampshire during his first year as head honcho. But look at them now.

Northwestern is now a top 25 program and on the verge of competing for a Big Ten Title. Yes this is Fitzgerald 8th season as the Wildcats head coach, but he has completely turned around a program that in previous years was more worried about academics than winning.

It took Fitzgerald three seasons before he his team finished above .500. WMU fans need to have the same type of patience with Fleck. He has done everything else right so far except for winning. But if he continues to do what he has been preaching to the Kalamazoo community, soon enough we will have a winner.