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And The Favorite Actor Is....

by Kim Brixton

The annual Harris Poll indicates that Tom Hanks is America's Favorite Thespian!

Here's the list.....

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Denzel Washington
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Julia Roberts
  5. Sandra Bullock
  6. Johnny Depp
  7. John Wayne
  8. Clint Eastwood
  9. Brad Pitt
  10. Meryl Streep

More facts from the poll

  • John Wayne is the only actor to be on this list every year since 1994 -- even though he has been dead since 1979.
  • In 2013, Meryl Streep was the only woman on the top 10 list of favorite actors. This year there are four. This is the highest number of women on the list in any year since the survey began.
  • Three celebs dropped off. They are George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Matt Damon.
  • While Americans report going to an average of five movies in 2013, 66% report going to the movies less often now than a few years ago.