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Lee Brice Meets Parents Who Inspired "I Drive Your Truck"

by Vanessa Ryan

Lee Brice's latest hit "I Drive Your Truck" has struck a chord with many fans across the country who fell in love with the sentimental song that was actually base on a true story.  It was inspired by an interview with a couple whose son died while serving overseas in the military. They told the interviewer that they drove their son Jared's truck to feel close to him. They had no idea the song was based on their story until the songwriters called them up recently.

Lee flew Jared's parent to Nashville to attend his number one party for "I Drive Your Truck" on Monday (5/13) after hearing a recording of that phone conversation.

Lee says, "They were like, 'Oh man, this song! We feel like it, just like a million people, we feel like this song is just right out of our story.' And they were like, 'Well, it is you. It's your son.'"

Lee said before the party got started, "I'm as excited to meet them today as I am to get a plaque for a number one, you know what I mean? And that's a big deal for me, but boy, this is something really, really, really special."

Wow, what a cool story. The video below actually stars Lee's brother FYI.