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VIDEO: Tim McGraw Tells Fans They're STUPID For Fighting During His Show

by Vanessa Ryan


While kicking off his new headlining Sundown Heaven Town Tour in California last week, Tim McGraw called out a group of rowdy fans who were exchanging words during his performance of a new song, Keep On Truckin. During an instrumental break, Tim was shaking his head and mouthing Stupid! repeatedly.

As the music wrapped, Tim took to the microphone, saying: Let me tell you something . . . if you stupid son of a bitches dont stop trying to fight . . .. Dont be an idiot . . . youve got a kid right here. Come on! Youre a grown man; dont be an idiot.

And that goes for you, too, he added, pointing to another set of fans. Its country music, man! Were having fun. We all paid good money, and we all work hard, just enjoy yourself. Shake hands, apologize and have a good time.

We agree! Fighting at shows is stupid! Save it for the parking lot after.

~BS and Vanessa