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Arizona Gun Range Instructor Accidentally Shot Dead

by Kim Brixton

A 9-year-old girl lost control of an Uzi at an Arizona shooting range this week and accidentally killed her instructor. Cell phone video released by authorities show the seconds leading up to the shooting.

The New Jersey girl and her family were vacationing out west and stopped at a location that's reportedly a popular tourist destination. Last Stop, which includes a restaurant, bar and RV park, has a Burgers and Bullets program that offers customers lunch with a trip to the range, where they can choose from among more than 20 automatic weapons to shoot, according to its website.

Former Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough and co-host of MSNBCs Morning Joe said that the Founding Fathers did not write the Second Amendment to allow children to fire semi-automatic machine guns.

What do you think?

Should requirements for firing these type of weapons be modified? Perhaps similar to riding a roll coaster? (i.e. age, height and weight requirements)