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Memories At Brewsters

by Kim Brixton

Thanks to everyone that stopped by Brewsters in Three Rivers last night for their 1st Bike Night of the season.

Dani Jamerson was splendid as usual....and a good time was had by all!!

We had several surprise guest appearances on stage ---and---in the audience.

The banana car was giving complimentary rides. That was AWESOME!!!

"Kevin" stepped up to the challenge and put on an unusual garment.

You'll have to see all the images for yourself....

Check out the 'memories' below:

Dani is soooo talented and gracious, she asked Kris Hitchcock up on stage. He sang with her and played her guitar.

Once again, Dani demonstrates her lovely ways by inviting child prodigy Sam Melchi onstage to show off his skills on her guitar. Keep an eye out for Sam. He's from Three Rivers.

There's Nancy!!! "HI BACK AT CHA NANCY'!! She won a round of BIKER LINGO BINGO!!!

Kevin was a RIOT!!!