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Stay Happy With Your Spouse

by Kim Brixton


(According to Cafemom.com)  8 things couples need to do every single day.

Compliment each other

 It could be something very small...for instance, compliment him with the way he vacuumed...or....that he did it.  Take a moment to praise your significant other for something they've done.

We all know it's the best medicine.  It's cheap too.  Keep chuckling even on depressing days. 

Say those three words
"I love you." Go on -- say it to your wife (or husband) every single day. It's a must.

Notice the little things
Could be your wife's manicure or notice that she looks nice in an outfit....(it kind of is in the same category of compliments)

Put things in perspective
Even if you have financial difficulties, but are healthy.  Put emphasis on 'at least we have our health." In the end, no matter what troubles you're dealing with, just remember you're not in it alone and your family is all that truly matters.

Dream big
Nothing is impossible. So dream big and share those dreams with your spouse. Even if they never come true, it's still something worth hoping for.

Share something new
Even if youi've been together for several decades, there's always something new you can share with your spouse. Could be a movie you just watched, an article you just read  or a book you want to read...or maybe you learned the 'art' of sudoku....share it with your honey.

Lock lips
You should start and end each day exactly the same way. With a gentle kiss on the lips.