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The Boys Of WIN 98-5 Bring Home The Bronze!!

by Kim Brixton

Our team managed to place in the top 3 once again in the annual Super Market Event to benefit the Food Bank Of South Central Michigan .

We've placed in the top 3 ever since I've been with WIN 98-5. So out of the past 7 years we've always managed to bring home the 'gold'.

In this case, the 'bronze.'

Regardless, this was an outstanding team effort!

WIN 98-5 Sales Executive Cindy Ireland was on hand too and was our biggest cheerleader/water girl!!

We've tweaked our efforts over the past few years to insure finishing 1st, including having an all male team, but alas, Scene Mag ALWAYS wins. Congrat's Scene!!

Next year, we will tweak our efforts again and use our 'ACE IN THE HOLE".

Our strategy to win i t ALL---PJ LACEY!!

Whaddya say Peej?????