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Grill It.....While It's Still Frozen!!

by Mark Evans

As a weekend "Grill Warrior" I stumbled across something that will almost guarantee your Chicken, Pork or Beef will be moist and juicy when you pull it off the grate of your Weber.

Now, don't laugh until you try it....but put the meat on the grill while it's frozen.

Here's why it works:

The frozen piece of Chicken, Pork or Beef will first sear on the outside if you are using Medium heat on your grill.  So, place the item over direct heat turning every 30 seconds until the outside is seared and cooked.  Then, transfer the item on to lower heat so that it continues to cook....with the juices seared inside.

Takes a little bit longer.....but it's amazing how much moisture and flavor is retained in the meat cooking it this way!!