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Reinvented BBQ Has Arrived

by Jeff Flynt

The old standards sometimes just don't do it for people. No matter the subject, be it music, movies, sports, life or food, everything needs to evolve.

Barbecue is no different, apparently. 

While there is great joy in savoring a slab of smoky, meaty slow-cooked brisket, ribs, pulled pork and snappy, spicy hot links; there are others out there looking to take a left turn on the BBQ path.

This movement isn't just taking place in the BIG city either; two titans of Texas barbecue are rolling out new takes on the tried and true style.

It's not just the smoking materials, or spices in the rubs that's changing. It's also about the cooking method and the food being prepared. Ever think of combining sous-vide cooking with barbecue? How about smoked duck confit, or oysters?

It's a whole new world of experience an old world way of cooking.