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What to look for in buying a chef's knife

by Jeff Flynt

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be considering buying a chef's knife for the family member who sorely needs a good one. Or, you could be looking to use this time as an opportunity to give yourself that badly-needed kitchen tool.

First things first...remember that the chef's knife is your "go to" knife. Not the paring knife, the slicer, the boning knife, serrated, cleaver or whatever. The chef's knife is THE knife you will use most often.

Here's a look at some of the top models to consider.

Buying a chef's knife for someone else can be difficult. Anyone who regularly uses one understands that you develop a sort-of "relationship" with the sharp-edged kitchen player.

Just picking one up because it's on sale, or it looks cool, doesn't mean that's the model to get.

It's better to understand how that person operates in the kitchen, and talk with the professionals about how much work they do, and what kind of work they would need the knife for.

If you're lucky enough to just be shopping for yourself, get comfortable with the knife. Your hand and tool go together...well...like a glove almost. 

Also one other thing to consider. This is an investment, so while you might see a price tag that will make your eyes pop out of your head, it's important to think about the day-in, day-out application of this new friend. Should you choose to accept this knife, remember to care for it, keep it sharp and keep it clean. That way it'll last for a really long time.

(Thumbnail image from: BenFrantzDale/Creative Commons. Photo above from: YouTube).