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The 8 Week "Experience" I'm Trying

by Corey Carter

I came across this new health/weight-loss system called "Le-Vel" which is supposed to help you get healthy in a variety of ways:  give you more energy (which me and my wife need with 3 young kids), help you lose weight (who couldn't, right??) and it promotes mental clarity/focus (again, who couldn't use help with that in our busy lives??) better sleep and even pain management!  

Here is a rundown video:

(This is NOT an endorsement - just something I'm trying and wanted to keep you up-to-date on!)

The system involves taking 2 pills each morning on an empty stomach, waiting 20 minutes and drinking a shake, then putting one of their "patches" on your skin.  

Plus, if you'd like, you might be able to make some money on it.   

I'll keep you posted with my progress - my wife and I start next week!