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Investing In YOU!

by Mark Evans

OK....so you've decided it's time to hunker down and lose those extra pounds.  Maybe you're just feeling lazy and you want to start working out and exercising more.

That's awesome....and I hope you get motivated and are able to keep at it and get healthy.

But, how do you know if you're actually doing what you need to do?  How do you know if you're burning the right amount of calories?  How do you gauge if you're working within your maximum range of heart rate?  Well, if you're going to make an investment in yourself by exercising - I encourage you to make another investment.  A good Heart Rate Monitor. 


This is my Polar Heart Rate Monitor - and they're available at any of the Fitness shops in the area.  I got mine at Dunham's, and it was right around $90.00.

It tracks my heart rate as I'm running or working out.  It keeps track of the amount of calories I'm burning as I run or work out - that way I know if I need to push it harder (or some days, back off a little.)

How do I know it works?

November 1st 2008 - weighed in at 249 pounds

November 1st 2011 - weighed in at 188 pounds

Get one!