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Unexpected Things That Are Dirtier Than A Toilet

by Abby

If your toilet grosses you out...you may want to not read this article...it's amazing how many everyday things are dirtier than the throne!

Your Handbag A new study has proven that your handbag accumulates more bacteria than your average toilet seat. That's probably because you throw it on the floor no matter where you are.

Your Cell Phone Yup, that thing that you touch every other minute and constantly put against your cheek holds a TON of bacteria. Like, a lot. Gross.

Ice Cubes You might think that frozen water is relatively safe from bacteria, but think again - a study found that more than 70 percent of the ice used in restaurants was dirtier than the toilet water. This stuff goes in YOUR MOUTH. Gross.

Your Computer Keyboard You touch your keyboard every single day, but have you ever thought about how it could maybe be making you sick? Probably not. One expert says that keyboards have 5 times more germs than toilets.

A Remote Control Who knows whose hands have been on this thing? All I know is, you might want to start washing your hands after a good TV sesh.

A Door Handle This one might seem pretty obvious, but still. It's tough to stop yourself from touching a door handle. It's also tough to remember to clean your hands every time after you touch one.

The Kitchen Sink You would think a sink, where things go to get clean, would be relatively free of bacteria, right? Nope. This report says they're dirtier than your entire bathroom.

The Kitchen Counter Think twice before you eat your food over there.