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Shopping memory

by James Williams

While shopping recently I happened to remember a childhood memory of something scary...and funny that happened.  My parents and I were in a large department store many years ago, when somehow I became seperated from them. I wandered the store looking for them, with no luck. At some point two nuns walked up to me and asked me if I was lost, and guided me to someone in the store who made a PA announcement, and I was soon re-united with my mom and dad. When I was later asked about the event I told people that I was lost until "two penguins came along and found me". Since the two nuns were dressed in their black and white habits, they looked like penguins to me. Rescue comes in all forms doesn't it? I want to thank those two sisters who helped me out in a time of need many years ago. Let's all try to do the same during this Christmas season!

Till next time...Jim