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Strange Barn Sighting

by James Williams

Saturday started off rather uneventful. I woke up, showered, shaved, enjoyed a small breakfast, then hit the road to visit a good friend in Caledonia. After enjoying a fabulous lunch at an Italian eatery in Caledonia (the name starts with the letter "U"), we hit some antique stores.  After exiting one of the stores, I noticed an old barn hidden in some trees behind the store property. It was here that the adventure begins.

After seeing the barn, I knew I had to get a closer look. There wasn't a freshly cut path to get there, so I had to make a trail. My friend somewhat reluctantly followed behind me. Once I got to the outside of the barn I noticed an abandoned chewing gum display rack. In itself, not a great find, but it peaked my interest in the possibility of something interesting within the barn itself.

My friend and I entered the barn and stood in amazement looking around at the walls and ceiling. Did I mention we were standing on mounds of hay at the time? As we looked around, my friend started taking pictures and showing them to me. While looking at one of the pictures I noticed what appeared to be the image of a cross with light shining through it at the top of one end of the barn. I mentioned this to her, and she confirmed that she saw the same thing I did.

Although I have always been fascinated with barns, and have visited quite a few, I was never aware of a cross symbol being designed into the construction of a barn. I plan to do some research, and find out if this was common, or perhaps we stumbled across something unusual. I will let you know the results in a future post. If you have knowledge of this subject, let me know, and we can share it.

By the way, I included a photo of the barn (and cross symbol) with this post, so check it out. !

Till next time...Jim