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Vince Gill concert

by James Williams

Last Saturday night was a big thrill for me..I was on the same stage as Vince Gill. Ok, I admit, he and I did not sing a duet, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, or anything. But I stood on stage to help introduce him, and I think we even made eye contact at one point.

By the way, Vince put on a seriously good show. He was spot on, the band was tight, light show was good but not too outrageous. The weather was good too, especially for late September.

I have included a photo of myself (the guy with the cowboy hat on the far left), and our new afternoon guy Kody Mac (second from the right). I think I look like Garth Brooks, or maybe just some guy who maybe should avoid wearing a cowboy hat. You decide.

Till next time...Jim