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Arrow's Across America

by Kody Mac

I'm a huge history buff. I've always been fascinated by the past. I was the kid in high school that would read the entire American History book before the end of the first semester.

Yet today I learned about something I have never heard of before, and it involves the US Postal Service and giant arrows.

A friend shared this blog on social media describing giant arrows, spaced every 10-20 miles across the U.S. It's really a fascinating read.

Here's a quick summary: after World War I, the United States Postal Service began using Army war surplus planes and former Army pilots to transport mail across the country. Before the days of radio, GPS, and smartphones, it was difficult for pilots to know where they were during flight.

In 1924, the federal government funded enormous concrete arrows to be built every 10 miles or so along established airmail routes to help the pilots trace their way across America in bad weather conditions and particularly at night, which was a more efficient time to fly. 

Today, few remain. One was actually reconstructed. Check out all about the Giant Arrows here at Messy Nessy Chic's blog .