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Bieber Throws Party with Confidentiality Agreement

by Kody Mac

Have you ever been to a surprise party? You know, you're supposed to keep quiet about it until the surprisee is surprised. After they're surprised, everyone knows how you pulled one over on them.

Not at Justin Bieber's place.

This past Friday, Justin Bieber threw a 'Gatsby' themed party. Rumors are already stirring depicting marijuana use and scantily clad (or not clad at all) women. Sheriff's Deputies responded to the scene three separate times.

With all this information coming out, it seems Bieber may just become richer. Before party attendees could enter the festivities, each person had to sign a confidentiality agreement worth $3 million. Everyone had agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or divulge details in any way.

Talk about paranoid. But then again, looks like he is going to make some money. We weren't even supposed to know he had a party!

I love the party favors though!