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How you know you're in a dive bar

by Kody Mac

They are same all across the country, and dive bars have certain elements that always seem to appear in some form or another.

Here are the tell-tale signs you're in a dive bar:

1. Super strong drinks
2. A stool with a plaque dedication
3. An old school jukebox
4. Old TV’s playing random sports
5. Old school beer signs on the walls
6. Jello shots
7. A limited tap but a long list of tall boys
8. A guy who seems to legitimately live there
9. Touchscreen games
10. A big wrap around bar
11. Hipsters
12. A nut machine
13. Liquor prices that seem to be inverted
14. A bucket in the back to put your cigarette butts in
15. Loose cigarettes to buy
16. A condom machine
17. Bathroom graffiti
18. Dated holiday decorations
19. Random old antiques
20. Mismatched glassware