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Would you deprive your senses?

by Kody Mac

Have you ever heard of a Sensory Deprivation Chamber? This black chamber will leave you completely alone with possibly the scariest thing on the planet - - your mind.

Today's Sensory Deprivation Chambers are pods half-filled with water set at 98.6 degrees, or your body's temperature. Participants are told to float in the water and let their mind wander. Then the lights are turned off.

Sound creepy, right?

Eventually, all your sense will begin to shut off. There is no sound, nothing to see, nothing to smell. The feel of the water will gradually go away since it's set to your body temperature. So there you'll be, floating...

I think it would be an experience. The human brain is endless and there is no telling where our mind would take us. Sure, you'll get scared and wonder if you'll live or not, but imagine the secrets of our lives we could unlock by simply being alone with ourselves.

It might drive you insane, but it could save your sanity.

Image from http://www.i-sopod.com/floatation-tank/photos