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Mr & Mrs Average!

by Jack Spade

Great read on Mr & Mrs Average on Facebook

A detailed picture of how ‘Mr and Mrs  Average’ live has been built up using data from Facebook.

The study shows how men and women develop new interests as they mature – and how the genders are often out of sync.

While women tend to take exercise seriously from the age of 34, for  example, the average man waits until  his 45th birthday before working hard to  get in shape.

The age of men and women when their interest peaks on Facebook. Click here for more 
(source: dailymail.co.uk)

Books: Men - 50

Women - 22

Fashion: Men - 16

Women - 16

Fitness:  Men - 45

Women - 34

Health: Men - 54

Women - 43

Tech: Men - 34

 Women - 22

Sports: Men - 14 and 18

Women - 48