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This Makes Us ANGRY! Candy For Kids in Prescription Bottles

by Vanessa Ryan

Let us start with .... WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!

At a recent mommy blogger conference, a kid company wanted to grab the mommy population's attention.

Bright Starts makes toddler gear, and they thought it would be cute to give out red hot candies inside a fake prescription bottle marketed as giggle pills.


Thank goodness most moms think that getting candy in a prescription bottle sends the wrong message to their kids. They aren't cute or funny and are potentially dangerous, giving children the idea that candy comes in prescription bottles.

How did this "idea" pass multiple people at this company to ever make it to the stage of handing out to people? NO ONE said...hey, this is a bad idea.

The company did say that soon after passing them out and getting a negative reaction from moms, they stopped with the laughter pills.

Please tell us you think this was a terrible, dangerous and irresponsible idea too!

~BS and Vanessa