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How to name your baby

by Charli McKenzie

1. Timeless name. Think John, James, Mary, Elizabeth. No matter what decade your kid will always be in style. Okay, it might be a little boring - but their teachers will always be able to pronounce and it’s too common to get remembered for being the same as a famous celebrity.

2. Go completely off the wall. If you want your kid to be unlike anyone else reach for the stars and name them something really bizarre. Your kid is destined to be awesome with an awesome name - though, probably made fun of.

3. Try a mix of the two. Why not go with a less traditional but still cool and not completely unheard of name like Ashton or Brooklyn. But be careful, these names can get trendy. But, if you don’t mind that - why not try…

4. Just going with the current trendy name of the moment. Hey, everyone’s doing it! Grab something from the top 20 and rest assured that your kid will be a sure sign of its age.

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