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Another Reason Not To Have Kids ;) I Never Have To Lock My Liquor Cabinet

by Jim Parish

I have friends who've put tricky magnetic locks on their liquor cabinets, to keep their teenage kids out. I have friends who come home at the end of a day and are ready to relax with a cocktail only to find their adult children already finished off the bottle. There are people who still mark the bottle when they put it away to see if anything "evaporates" between then and the next time they mix one. Of course that last plan can lead to watered down drinks. I'm not sure what's worse, an empty bottle or a watered down old fashioned.

My cabinet is never locked and it rarely "evaporates" . Although there is something strange about how fast that whiskey bottle seems to go down. That couldn't have been all me, could it?

Now another reason not to have kids